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Pafos United Walking Football Challenge

Postby CyprusHawk » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:02 pm

Hi there. My name is Chas, i'm a Hawks fan and up to last December was a season ticket holder since 2002. Already missing them and can't wait for the season to start. In fact i will be at 2 games in August as i'm visiting UK after my move to Cyprus. So why am I messaging you? I have emailed Ross Betteridge & Henry Deacon asking them to pass on my email but to who i don't know now that Shaun Gale is over at Eastbourne. Hence this message now.

We are a Walking Football team that only formed on 5th February 2019. I'm the Secretary and we have facebook pages under the following names:

Pafos United Walking Football

The Ageless Walking Football Association (Pafos)

as well as our brand new website that is about to go live:

Please check it all out. We now play 3 times a week and since our forming with a handful of players just about 6 months ago we now have 80 registered players.

We are unfortunately the only team in Paphos, and in fact as far as we're away in Cyprus. We're trying to get the Cyprus FA and Pafos FC involved but its not easy at all. We are affiliated to the UK's WFA - are you? We've had quite a bit of contact with them - in fact Stuart Langworthy, the Over 60s England Team Manager has been over to Cyprus, played with us and given us a lot of advice, as well as other England players have been over to have a game with us - Graham Collier as well.

We know Many Shades Of Grey have a great reputation and we have had a number of teams already contacting us as they want to play us as part of their own Cyprus Tour. We've got a team from Scotland hoping to come out next May to play a Pafos United All Stars Mixed Ages, as well as play against our Over 50s team, 60-64s team, 65-69s team as well as our Over 70s team.

The Chair of Pafos United and myself are also co-founders of the CWFA - Cyprus Walking Footballers Association and part of this process will be to undertake trials to have a Cyprus National Walking Football team, and England have already agreed to send out a team for the first international. WFA Have also agreed to send a WFA Management All Stars team out to play Pafos United All Stars as well as part of the publicity of Walking Football, so far we've managed to get this to be done at Pafos FC Academy training facility (which isn't in brilliant condition, but we're hoping they might let us use the first team's training facility which is 100% better)

So where do you come in? Well. just wondered if you fancied a trip out to Cyprus? Of course you'd need to fund it yourselves, but you might already have toured places, i know you've received lots of grants, you've got a large squad so wondered if you were able to get a squad of 8 together (mixed ages) to play against our mixed aged team.

We could do a format of the following:

Pafos United Over 50s v MSoG All Stars
Pafos United 60-64s v MSoG All Stars
Pafos United 65-69s v MSoG All Stars
Pafos United Over 70s v MSoG All Stars

with the best match for last

Pafos United All Stars v MSoG All Stars

Of course they don't have to be done on same day - it'd be like a Test Series. We usually play 20 minutes each way and play to WFA rules. We could do matches over a long weekend perhaps. Arrive Thursday night, then play Fri & Sat, then you could have day of rest Sunday, fly back Monday type thing.

We play at AM Fair Game Sport Center, Industrial Area of Tremithousa, 8250, Paphos, Cyprus.

Anyway, if you timed it all right, flights and accommodation don't have to be too expensive. Then the following year/season, we could do the same and visit you over in Havant for a series of matches.

It might be you aren't able to do it, but i had to ask given the connection to the club. Perhaps it could be something the club could help with financially for some publicity, etc......Or your sponsors might be willing to help out.

Anyway have a think, it'd be great if you could contact me with your initial thoughts and have a look at our website etc to see what we're all about.

all the best, and hope someone Chair. Sec or Captain, co-ordinator emails me to make contact as soon as possible

email me: Charlie
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Re: Pafos United Walking Football Challenge

Postby CyprusHawk » Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:39 am

Hello there Probably Shirts. Just wondered if you'd had chance now to visit our website, facebook pages etc. For all your players, viewers and interested individuals they might want to have a look so here are the links.
(Our Official website: Pafos United Walking Football)
(This is our open group for everyone - Pafos United Walking Football)
(This is our closed group - The Ageless Walking Football Association (Pafos))

Let us know what you think. Let us know if you fancy visiting. If you are coming out to Cyprus on holiday, look us up and come and have a game (but don't forget your shinpads & a white shirt haha)
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