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Playing Walking Football

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 5:50 pm
by CyprusHawk
Hi there its me Charlie from Pafos United Walking Football Club in Paphos, Cyprus. I'm over visiting family and friends in Havant until 23rd August. I just wondered if i could pop along to a session or two with you guys - i did before in summer of 2020 and had a great time. When do you play? Are you playing at WLP these days on their plastic pitch, if so what time etc. I'd love to link up with you again and take some pics and of course you are more than welcome to visit our team as well as another team we have over there 'Aphrodite Wanderers WFC' - please can you email me some response thank you.

Re: Playing Walking Football

PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2021 10:17 pm
by CyprusHawk
I really don't know what ive got to do to get some response at all from H&W Many Shades of Grey team admin, i can only assume that i'm not welcome - not sure what i've done wrong really! I attended a session about a year ago and enjoyed myself and thought the players welcomed me from Cyprus with open arms. Ive invited them over to Cyprus as we have with many teams who are scheduled to visit now in 2022 from all over the world England, Scotland, Malta, Italy, Spain and many more interested.

I don't get to visit UK very often and its been even less over the last 2 years with the pandemic. Its just very disappointing that i have emailed, messaged, and now wanted to pop along and play in the limited time i have (which i have a lot of family/friends visits and schedules that my wife has organised) and no one has even got back to me. Given as well the amount of publicity, awards this team has won, the accolades its received over the last 5 or 6 years or so its communication is very very poor!

This is the last time i will try. I was a season ticket holder at Hawks for 17 years and still buy home & away shirts, still listen in when i can, and visit to watch a game and have many friends who still attend matches and so to have the MSOG team not even respond saddens me.

Okay i think i've got my point across. If anyone from the MSOG sees this message it might be nice to just let me know either way whether i'm welcome or not to your sessions when i visit. I don't know if you still play at South Downs or if you're now at WLP with the 3G pitch. Also if you want to look at visiting Cyprus to holiday and play against both ourselves (Pafos United Walking football Club) and Aphrodite Wanderers Walking Football Club, plus there may be 2 more clubs forming this year at both Polis (about an hours drive from Paphos) and Erimi (about 45 mins drive from Paphos on the motorway). Please let me know and i will pass on the details of the people who you can liaise with.

All the best for the forthcoming season. Charlie