Ye Olde game of Stoolball

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Ye Olde game of Stoolball

Postby sheemee » Tue May 08, 2012 2:07 pm

Stoolball is a medieval sporting game from which is derived the modern day versions of rounders, and the American game of baseball, and is very similar to cricket in as much as it uses two umpires and a scorer each match, it has wides and no balls, fours and sixes, a batting innings for both teams and bowlers in each team.

Rules for playing stoolball have been found as far back as the 16th century and the game was taken by the Pilgrims Fathers to the New World of America.

The modern-day version is played in the Counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire and also pockets of the game in Birmingham and Leeds, West Yorkshire and in New Hampshire in America.

In these areas there are summer outdoor leagues for men, ladies, juniors and mixed teams with also indoor leagues all the year round. The governing body for these leagues is the National Stoolball Association founded in 1979 in Haywards Heath in West Sussex which oversees and promotes the game.

If you can’t get the kids away from computers why not start up a team and keep ‘em fit.

A game of Stoolball was actually recently featured in an episode of the series ‘Escape to the Country’ which was aired on the 1st May.

I think there used to be a team at Bosham FC, or, at least the occasional exhibition there, but the current closest club is Steep at Petersfield.

You’ll find a lot more on Stoolball at ‘’
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