Bath (H)

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Bath (H)

Postby Ed Harris' Pint » Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:41 am

I see yesterdays game provoked some opinions on Facebook so thought I'd make a thread here about it

Any thoughts?

Positives/Neutral- I think our injury hit squad has run out of steam and we desperately need to get to Boxing Day where I think players start to come back. We are still in the play offs and it's a tight squeeze at the moment so if we can stay there until our players come back.


Our home form though is just terrible. Injuries or no injuries, why do we continually pump long balls to Tommy Wright like we did yesterday? It's no coincidence that the goals against Dulwich and the one today was by actually playing football on the ground. Defending is comical at times, opposition getting free headers almost every game.

Theo Widdrington. Warming up in both matches this week without coming on. Now, I've heard people say well he's 'not a game changer' or 'who have we got on the bench to change the game'. With the injuries we've got, just having a fresh pair of legs COULD change the game. Theo is not a bad player but it feels almost cruel to continually send him out to warm up and then not put him on when we have bare bones and players are visibly knackered.

I feel like a-lot of the FB comments are premature but once our squad is fit again then there's going to be no excuses.
Ed Harris' Pint
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Re: Bath (H)

Postby emsworthhawk » Mon Dec 06, 2021 10:30 am

To be honest I have not been enjoying home games for a while.
There seems to be lack of ideas and we seem to fade quite quickly.

Also I really dont like the artificial pitch.
I have given it some time but its not really for me and I feel it negates any home advantage.

I will give it a few more games but I feel my regular attendance may become just the odd game as I seek what I am miccing

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