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Postby baz1 » Sun Nov 07, 2021 11:45 am

Well, the plan seemed to be going well up till the 70th minute, but not surprisingly it started to disintegrate once Sam suffered a serious injury, followed by the opening goal. The plan, I presume, being to defend for our lives to frustrate the opposition for 90minutes, or preferably an outside chance of Robbo getting a breakaway goal.

Let be honest, we were really up against right from the start with the number of influential players out with injuries and suspensions, with only 4 fit players able to make the bench including keeper Charlie Searle. But full credit to all the players for the workrate they put in to kep an inform Charlton at bay, especially in the first half, and despite all their possession didn't create any real threat, in fact I only counted one save Will Mannion had to make from a tame shot on target.

A big ask to maintain the same energy and committment for another 45 minutes with Charlton expected to up the tempo and ask much more of us which they did, but we valiantly held on for another 20/25 minutes, and in fact very nearly scored with a Jake header from a cross that the Charlton keeper had to scramble away. Soon after the injury occurred and the first goal was vital.

Dos brought on Baggie and Scott Rendell to see if they could salvage anything, but frankly, we had run our game and you could see the legs were starting to feel very heavy and no surprise Charlton added further goals and I'm sure the boys were probably willing the final whistle from 80 minutes on. Could we have held out if that chance had gone in and Sam's injury hadn't occurred, who knows? Maybe it might have boosted our resolve, I know one thing, it would have been a total close your eyes experience for us fans every time they got near our goal for 20minutes, so perhaps a lot of high blood pressures were averted consequently.

Lastly, great turnout from Hawks fans making loads of noise, bit too much anti Charlton jeering rather than Hawks cheering for my liking, but each to their own, but I'm sure everyone had a great day out in London, and who knows, if we get to have a good run in the Trophy, another brilliant day may be had at Boreham Wood ;) ;)
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