Welling 21/22

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Welling 21/22

Postby underthenewstand » Sat Aug 14, 2021 10:24 pm

Well considering we dont win many games on the opening day i will take a 3-0 at home against a side who look like they will be bottom half on there performance.

After the first goal we seemed to be doing the same thing as we did under PD in the first season & not kill off the opposition before HT as Welling looked to hit us on the counter but there powder puff front line didnt really give us too much to worry about when they did do that, the second goal just before HT for me was about a fair scoreline considering the chances we had in the half.

Been impressed By Rendall all pre season & he looks a more mobile slimmed down version of Kedwell & i think he will score more goals then him for us.

Roberts looks like a Fogden type player & far better then Gomis who seemed to be playing that role at times for us.

Gobern seems to have decent set pieces & hope we can convert a few of those during the season.

Not been impressed much by Baggie or Clifford but thought today they looked a lot better when they came on today & pleased Clifford got a goal as hope we start to see the player that Wealdstone had when they stuffed us 4-2 in what was a very long time ago.

Onto H&R next week who seemed to have a decent result away today.

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Re: Welling 21/22

Postby baz1 » Sun Aug 15, 2021 9:49 am

So great to see fans back again to witness a very impressive start to the season, full of energy and intent and quite easily could have been 2 or 3 goals more. All the players should be praised for their performance and especially the 2 wing backs Pashley and Newton who drove forward at every opportunity. Sterner tests will come along but I am full of confidence that a successful season lies ahead of us.

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