Dorking Wanderers

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Dorking Wanderers

Postby Pompeyred » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:29 am

Wow, if this is to be the last game of football for a while (maybe even the season) then why not score a winner with the last kick of the game

The game itself was a strange one, we lined up with 3 at the back again but this week it didn't really work out , the 2 wing backs struggled to get forward and we looked a bit lethargic, in truth however there wasn't too much in the match, we had quite a few early chances from range, they looked decent going forward too so it wasn't too much of a surprise when they scored.... JP doing what he does... we've seen it before quite a few times

Half time came and we looked a bit more like it, a half time rocket from Ian Baird had seemingly got our tails up and when we got the penalty it was a great way back into the game.. step forward Sam Magri who placed his penalty in exactly the same place as at Dulwich, this time the goalie dived easily in the way of it... the difference between genius and madness is a very small line they say!

not to worry however as 2 subs saw Nicky Bailey go to right back and a switch to 442, it was pretty bonkers to see Bailey pop up in the 6 yard box to score an equaliser 5 minutes later, arriving on a late run with a great finish.

From then on i thought there was only going to be 1 winner, Junior playing on the left of midfield after Jonah had limped off was getting in some great positions and finding space, the final ball wouldn't drop for us in the box until we won a corner in the 94th minute, swung in from MOTM bailey it was Dean Beckwith, who has really been playing well these past few weeks who was in the right place to grab the winner from 6 yards.. cue pandemonium on the touchline from over 300 Hawks fans...

if Carlsberg did football away days!
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