Vs Slough

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Vs Slough

Postby PO6_Hawk » Wed Feb 26, 2020 11:37 pm

Well that was a vast improvement!

Slough should have scored within 30 seconds with a free header, but didn’t really threaten there on in.
They looked to have pace to threaten on the break but seemingly never broke?!

Hawks looked far more solid with an extra body in midfield.
Thought Kedwell worked his nuts off as a lone forward, with Wes and Gomis supporting well.
As ever Nicky Bailey pulled all the strings.
Thought we lost a little shape after the substitutions and personality wouldn’t have taken Drury off, but his replacement Rutherford should have put the game to bed at the death!!
No one had a bad game, a real battling team performance.

I haven’t seen anything in Slough over the games to warrant their league position.
Their best player from the away leg was seemingly Dennis. A shame for them it was a storm and not a player!
Hope their fans kept the receipts for their Poundland towels. Shame their players threw the towel in on the pitch!

Roll on Saturday
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Re: Vs Slough

Postby mark c » Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:31 am

can't disagree with any of that TBH

Likewise I didn't see anything on the two games that suggest that Slough are a second place team

its become noticeable that we look a far better team with Nicky Bailey in the team than without

suddenly , its only on a game swing with Wealdstone , after saturdays doom and gloom its game back on in my opinion
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Re: Vs Slough

Postby Adam » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:09 am

A strangely comfortable 1 - 0 really after recent performance - aside from the slightly odd first 20 where both defences looked like they could easily ship a couple!! After the goal it felt like we kept them at bay pretty easily and could have added a couple ourselves.

Bailey absolutely played a part in that solidity - mopped up absolutely everything. Thought Taylor looked lively and had a good game as well, particularly with their snide #8 following him over the pitch for the final 30.
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Re: Vs Slough

Postby Pompeyred » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:49 am

a classic..... erm a classic scrappy game where we worked our socks off!

apart form the first 10 mins where they could and maybe should have scored 3 times i wasn't overly worried. a packed midfield meant space around the pitch was a little tight, Bedsente and Wes getting beyond the striker was a key in this formation and it was that combination that came up with the goal.

The second half was a bit more of the same, i dont think we had a shot let alone a shot on target until Alfie hit the post, lots of huffing and puffing where the win was far more important that the style of play. 100% effort and determination, something we haven't been short of at all this season and the players deserve massive credit for it. everyone marvels about how well we play when we score 6 past Dorking for example but last night was just as well played for differing reasons of course.

Andy Drury played well i thought and Nicky Bailey was a deserved MOTM.
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Re: Vs Slough

Postby baz » Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:50 pm

We were looking for a reaction after Saturday and boy did we get one. Apart from a jittery first few minutes we controlled the game from thereon in until the final whistle. The only real threat Slough imposed during that period were the long throws into our box which we dealt with comfortably. Every player put in a 5* performance and undoubtedly Nicky Bailey was a worthy MOM.

Still plenty of games to go to try and overhaul Wealdstone. The pressure is all on them to keep the chasing pack at bay and many times we have seen big leads evaporate when the pressure is on towards the end of the season.

Need to be on top of our game Saturday against Welling who are 2nd in the form table at the moment under their new manager.
But show the determination and commitment we showed last night I'm more than confident we can bring pack the points.

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Re: Vs Slough

Postby SammyHawk » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:55 pm

Not really much to add to the above. It was one of those professional gritty performances that was never going to be vintage football but every Hawks player was great. I thought Robbo had another decent game and was fairly close with MoM behind Nicky. Hope Johnah isn’t out too long as although Keds battled hard, I felt Johnah would have added that extra bit in the final third up there with him. The ref was a bit hit and miss especially when 2 Slough players should really have gone into the book rather than a slap on the wrist but we’ve had worse. Any idea where Strakes is??

Dos’ post match interview was absolutely spot on and I respect his honesty. It’s ridiculous that some so called fans berate the team when we drop points when we still sit so nicely near the top of the league and where we have been all season. The crazy sending off Saturday ruined that game and if Keds had been on, St Albans would have got nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the home form at times has been poor but if you reverse the home and away columns that’s a decent return for almost a brand new team, which people forget. Just because a fair number of our players have a lot of individual experience in the league above, that doesn’t mean we will win every week. This is a longer term project and if it takes another season to get there, so be it.

I’ve watched us from the beginning and this is the best set up we have had. Mr Doswell, you are doing a fantastic job and I look forward to shaking your hand at the end of the season to thankyou for what you are doing, whether we go up this season or not.
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Re: Vs Slough

Postby underthenewstand » Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:39 am

I didnt question what happened Saturday with the team but like everyone i did the officials, but i hold my hand up & say when i saw that line up last night i did question it with Alfie not starting or in fact even Tarbuck but after the game i admitted that PD got the job done with the team so fair play to him.

I always felt that the pitch would be a talking point this season with PD coming from Sutton where the 3G/4G plastic call it not real grass pitch was a favourite of his & being mentioned in the forums on how much they make the club extra revenue.

Even the The Sports Mail at the weekend had a articial on them saying how they are more likely to be put in place with climate changes meaning more wet football seasons.
I didnt go to Slough away but someone who did go was impressed by there pitch and how we played some good stuff on it.
I guess PD may push the board to change to one but who knows.

Only small gripe i have is i thought this season we would be given more updates on injuires of players etc but as season has gone on like have not been forthcoming, i guess its a case of not wanting the opposition to know who may or not be back in the side & giving them an advantage before line ups are annouced, not sure i think that matters at this level any more but i guess PD has his reasons for not wanting to let fans know.

All in all good to get the win against Slough Towel FC after what happened but i feel we will meet them or Weymuff in the play offs if thats where we end up.

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Re: Vs Slough

Postby Highhawks » Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:39 am

I think we are pretty much nailed on for play off spot, not wanting to sound cocky but think we defo be minimum, let's try best to support the lads to try push Wealdstone all the way as they may start to fill the pressure of being top as they been their a very long time now, it may get to them and if so we can be the club to pounce, let's keep the faith COYH if not 3 Cup finals to win
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Re: Vs Slough

Postby Highhawks » Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:41 am

Hopefully just 2 and both at home in better spring conditions
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