Slough away with Storm Dennis

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Slough away with Storm Dennis

Postby Highhawks » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:36 pm

Rain and matches with Slough seem to go together and at the moment the weekends heavy rain and strong winds could wrack this game being on
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Re: Slough away with Storm Dennis

Postby mark c » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:01 pm

Can't see there being a problem myself, they've got a 3g pitch and a 3 year old stadium
The only thing that could be a problem is if we have really stupid wind and I mean worse than last weekend.

If you're driving be aware the is very little parking at the ground and virtually no street parking around the ground

The railway station is 10minutes walk away and there is a pretty decent 'spoons close by
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Re: Slough away with Storm Dennis

Postby Pompeyred » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:23 pm

a game of 2 half's.......of course it bloody was! i dont really get why people say that but we always do! the "storm" whilst blowing a bit wasn't really a storm, both sides actually made a decent game of it.

they were on top for the first 20 mins, lots of balls into the box which we dealt with ok in the most part, the lino flagging for an offside i think it was helping us outon one occasion and some decent saves from Ross, i thought we got to grips with it from then on. I was in the tea bar getting a pasty (bargain at £1 a go) when they scored, from what i heard it was a long ball which could have been dealt with better but it was difficult judging the flight of the ball in the gusts

Second half was all about us really, lots of half chances without creating too many guilt edged chances though, even the goal was a scrappy affair with a Jonah shot bouncing off their player or goalie maybe and hitting Jonah again before going in, he'd played wide left most of the game which wasn't ideal but it did the job for the team.

Beckwith did ok coming in at the back, Wes was a driving force in midfield and was MOTM for me with Benny and Nicky Bailey very close seconds
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Re: Slough away with Storm Dennis

Postby PO6_Hawk » Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:04 pm

The goal was conceded from a poor goal kick from Ross. It skidded to a Slough player on the half way line who seemingly tried to play it through Craig Robson who should have done better but the ball skidded under his studs allowing the Slough player (The To$$er who celebrated the postponement at our place) to slot home.

Apart from that no one really had a bad game, and agree Benny or Nicky for MOTM.

Slough are a good side so a point away from home is a good return, but unfortunately the only winner on the day was Wealdstone despite not playing.

Did anyone see/hear what the commotion was that resulted in a yellow card for Dos?
It seemed Bairdy was upset with the use of a towel during a throw in but seemed to escalate a little too far for just that?
I know passion runs high and there is a want and expectation to win, but sometimes the behavior of the bench lets the club down. Didn't look great.
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