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Postby martin » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:31 am

An important 3 points which were perhaps a little tougher to secure than we may have hoped or, dare I say, expected at the start of the match.
The first half saw a number of players put in decent performances for me, but for whatever reason (perhaps the battling qualities of the opposition) we lacked the cohesion and the "zip" of some of our better home performances so far. I also wondered if having neither Wes or Drury playing meant our overall creativity was blunted a little...sure we still had plenty of pace and great potential from wide ares in particular but those two stand out as being especially clever when looking to create a chance.

After the break Chippenham started quick and we needed a great save from Warner to stop what looked like a certain goal. Then came two big defining decisions- both in our favour with a penalty award and soon after a red card for them. Personally, I am playing the Wenger card as I didn't have a good view of either (from what I did see I thought we may have been a little fortunate on both?).
Particularly pleasing about today though was how we regained the lead when Chippenham had managed to get themselves back level. Overall, not the most convincing win but we were certainly the stronger team and it would have felt like a big missed opportunity if we had dropped points.
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Re: Chippenham

Postby Pompeyred » Sun Dec 08, 2019 11:29 am

I thought we looked a bit sluggish in the first half, the formation of 433 meant we lacked width, they had 9 behind the ball and as such it was pretty hard to either get around the back of them or pass it through them.

The second half obviously had 2 big incidents, the sending off was correct, I saw it as they both had hold of each other and in trying to get free their lad swung towards brads head, the penalty was possibly lucky, it was in the box so i don’t know what their manager was moaning about but Sam sort of had the ball under his feet as well as being tackled, Resulting in a bit of a schmozzle! Some refs give it, some don’t, I though we were going to do a Braintree and lose however, even with 10 men they kept at it and we struggled to move them about, I thought the subs weakened us at the time especially up front but 2 of them combined for the winner, width on the right, and a good run in from wide left and a well placed header......width! :)

It’s important that when you don’t play at your best you still win, that’s what we did and it’s great credit to the team they didn’t sulk when they equalised. Onwards to slough now, the players must just treat it as another game but if we can win 6 nil with their number 8 scoring 5 own goals, missing a penalty and getting sent off that would be nice.
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Re: Chippenham

Postby raycblue » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:40 pm

Strange how people see things in different light. I thought we were really lucky yesterday. It seems to me the squad as it is needs freshening up a bit. Perhaps a couple of new faces in the new year. We lack ideas especially in the penalty area and the defence is at times very naive. The use of substitutes is very strange. Taking off Rutherford was,to me, a mistake. Whilst he is not by any means the finished article he was far more effective than the very poor Ayunga. We need a player who can snap up something from nothing...and I'm afraid Ayunga is not the man.
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Re: Chippenham

Postby SammyHawk » Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:11 pm

I think as has already been said, we view things differently and that’s what is good. My view of the game was that the first half was a tough affair and we struggled to break down a well organised Chippenham defence who were more than worthy of going in drawing at half time. The second half was totally different and we definately ramped up the pressure. Magri did very well to win what I thought was a fair penalty and another great pen from Keds. The sending off was absolutely spot on with their player locking his arms round Tarbs and just not wanting to let go and then the aftermath with the red for him and yellow for Tarbs was correct. Now this is where opinions can differ - I felt from this moment the game became quite fiesty and it was only a matter of time before another red card was given. We were sitting on I think 4 or 5 yellows so subbing Tarbs and then Alfie I believe was purely because they were two players sitting on yellows. Don’t get me wrong, Jonah was non existent this game but everyone is entitled to a few off games, especially when you are top scorer. If anything it will put potential scouts off for a few more months which I’m happy with. Really pleased Chris Paul got the winner and respect to Chippenham for making us grind that one out. They say the signs of a title winning side is one that wins ugly, that was pretty ugly. It also puts us above Dos’ 2 point per game target going into another key game Wednesday. I just hope justice is done and we put them to the sword after the farcical first encounter. Finally man of the match. Robbo was solid again, I personally would have given it to Bailey for his constant ball winning and breaking up the play.

Anyway, onto the next one - COYH!!!!!
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