Bath City

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Bath City

Postby martin » Sat Nov 16, 2019 10:44 pm

A strong second half helped ensure we gained a valuable three outcome that looked far from likely at half time.
Its fair to say that Bath had better of opening 45 minutes and it made a change to see a team come to Westleigh Park intent on attacking and taking the game to us. They were playing with flair, pace and on a heavy pitch were passing it around nicely. Great save by Ross Warner from their early penalty...but that proved to be a short reprieve as we went behind soon after anyway. And, as I say, as the whistle went for half time we couldn't have too many complaints about being behind.

Thankfully, it was a different story after the break and the introduction of Alfie Rutherford in particular seemed to inject some extra belief into the Hawks. Our equaliser was greeted with fervent protests about off side from the Bath players (I was surprised the flag didn't go up...although also thought Jonah was pushed in the area as he tried to take the original shot) and once on level terms it looked like only one winner. We started to push forward with more confidence and authority. There were more protests about the award of the penalty which led to our second to say it looked a little soft and will be interesting to see the footage.

Anyway, great to get 3 points after last weeks robbery...and aren't we due a bit of a FA Trophy run?
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Re: Bath City

Postby SammyHawk » Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:49 am

What a game of football that was to watch and a great advert for the league. I thought Bath were one of, if not the best team we’ve played and certainly away from home, they showed confidence on the ball and passed it around superbly. As has been said, I thought they edged the first half and with Ross making an outstanding double save again, it helped take us in at the break with a chance to turn it round. We certainly did that second half and ramped up the pressure, finally getting our reward.

I think the man of the match went to the right man and if not him, I thought Keds was a handful for them all afternoon, winning headers, muscling in and a decent pen too. We’ll ignore the miss near the end. The other thing that Dos mentioned in his post match interview was the atmosphere. I’ve been coming for years and I have to say the whole place was electric. It had this massive buzz around and sitting in the stand, when the penalty save happened, you could really hear the volume levels were superb. Love games like that.

Now one final point and interestingly no one has mentioned it yet - The muppet in their dug out. Goading fans during the first half, with the stewards getting involved, winding Bairdy up and seemingly getting in his face as he came out second half and saying stuff to our players. If the tactic was to get someone a red card, it failed miserably and it was great to get the last laugh with the win.

Well done hawks, thanks Dos for a great day out watching the lads and a master substitution. Onto the next one.
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Re: Bath City

Postby baz » Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:23 pm

A good game. Thought Bath were excellent first half, best side, apart from us earlier in the season, I've seen at WLP so far.
They passed the ball around with confidence compared to our more direct approach which was getting us nowhere. Another great penalty save from Ross briefly kept the scores level, before Bath deservedly took the lead shortly afterwards. At half-time we were fortunate to be only 1 goal down and still in the game when it could have been so different.

Second half was completely different, we stepped up a gear putting the Bath defence under more pressure and was no surprise when we equalised with virtually Alfie's first touch following in Jonah's blocked effort. There was a question mark whether it should have been ruled out for offside, but will have to await the video replay to see if the officials got it right. The penalty I have no doubt about, it was a trip no ifs or buts and Keds effort was emphatic. Still had a feeling that Bath might grab a point which in all honesty is probably the least they deserved.

Apart from the possibly controversial decisions, thought the Ref had a strange game. Throughout the first half the Bath No 7 continously jumped into one of our defenders about to clear the ball with the sole intention of playing the man not the ball which should have amounted to a free kick every time, but didn't blow up once.

No problem with Ross getting MOM but pretty close must have been Keds, who virtually won every header he went for and put in a full 90 minutes of effort, although surprisingly he missed the easiest chance of the match following excellent work from Jonah.

Another welcome 3 points and we cut the deficit to 5 on Wealdstone, a break from the league on Saturday for our first Trophy game of the season. Its been a few seasons since we had a good run in the competition so would be nice to put that right this time around.

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Re: Bath City

Postby montyles » Sun Nov 17, 2019 11:26 pm

Agree with all the posts, makes a change we all saw the same match :lol: What made the notable difference was Hawks going 3-4-3, which meant getting width, which we were lacking in the first half. This brings me to asking, how are injuries going? I cant remember the last time I saw Roarie play, hows Wes?, maybe we will be updated on our new all singing and dancing OS :lol:. Also has anyone won the strikers are key? not everyone can go in the clubhouse after the game but might be interested in the draw outcome. Please keep us updated. :wave:
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