20 years ago !!!!

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20 years ago !!!!

Postby mark c » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:18 pm

http://www.havantandwaterlooville.net/s ... 1999&m=279

one of the best games EVER at WLP

Sal Bibbo masterclass once we went 6-0 up

Paul Wood wonder goal for the 6th

and Nigel Clough couldnt say anything good about us
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mark c
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Re: 20 years ago !!!!

Postby robert ellam » Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:03 pm

I remember that game very well.
robert ellam
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Re: 20 years ago !!!!

Postby CyprusHawk » Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:03 am

WoW! 6-0 against Burton and look at where they've been since! However, they've not played Liverpool in 4th Round of FA Cup i guess. :) Slightly before my Hawks time sadly (Burton match). My first match was v. Kettering in November 2001. We lost 3-1 and i was hooked haha. I lived in Gosport at the time as well! Anyway thats coming up 19 years ago now! Doesn't seem so long ago until i recall that our Swansea/Liverpool antics were over 11 years ago now!! Where has time gone?! I've been in Cyrpus almost a year now but will be back for the Bath City match on Saturday. I hope we have as much success as the last 2 matches i witnessed earlier in the season 6-0 win against Dorking and 0-0 against Chelmsford.

I'd rather a repeat of the first one though, but 2 clean sheets was a good effort and we missed a penalty as well, thankfully i think we've managed to put the penalty disasters to bed now. Bath City have been playing better than they were earlier in the season and it won't be an easy match, but fingers crossed we can take all 3 points.

We have to start making home advantage count of course. Still we're up there or there abouts at the moment and if we're there at the end then we will obviously have a great chance of being promoted. Up the Hawks!!

Hope its warmed up a bit there, its been a steady 27/28 here and yesterday was 30!!! Looking forward to socks, shoes, jackets, jeans, wooly pulleys for a few days, NOT!!! Haha.
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Re: 20 years ago !!!!

Postby quentin » Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:39 am

Oooh! Ketch, the memories. Yes I recall it well. Woody's sublime chip from outside of the box came down with snow on it but crept just under the bar. Nicky's goal: He barely got a touch since it went in almost direct from the corner - can't remember who took the corner, though.
It was a 5.30pm KO put back due to the Scotland v England Euro play-off.
After the game m'chum and I took in the Blair Witch Project at the cinema in Cosham - no longer there of course (the cinema, not Cosham, which still is).

Fond memories.

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