Player of the Season

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Re: Player of the Season

Postby Probably Shirts » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:54 pm

I get the people shouting for votes for Youngy, Rory, Stocky, and Jason, but I'd like to put a plug in for the awesome Theo Lewis for a few votes tonight please. Been solid all season and chipped in with a few handy goals.

Or for any one of Rhino, Rosey, or Sir Edward, without whom none of this would have happened...

Or for.... oh sod it, give them all a medal on Saturday at about 5.00pm please.
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Re: Player of the Season

Postby Lee C » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:41 pm

The main problem with this poll is there was no restriction in place. It wasn’t hijacked as suggested just poorly set up.

It is very easy to add a restriction using ip addresses and I was very surprised to find that this had been overlooked. You could just press the back button and vote again as many times as you like.

Hopefully it is a lesson learned
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Re: Player of the Season

Postby ade » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:53 pm

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Re: Player of the Season

Postby Hillbees1 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:33 pm

Goals come from all over the pitch, which coupled with a resilient defence means that every player is the "player of the season."
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