expectations for next season

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expectations for next season

Postby mark c » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:50 pm

So then where do people think next season will take us then ?

LB was on Solent the other evening saying that he thinks we can challenge for the top 5.

personally I have my doubts.

have we strengthened enough to have us finish 20 or so places higher than last season ?
probably not , like it or not the squad we have so far is more or less the squad we were relegated with.
now I know that there is a far better atmosphere in the team but is the team any stronger ? not in my opinion. I don't think we will be in a relegation battle but , at present I can't see us challenging at the top end either.

I think that again, we will struggle to get the goals required , I really have doubts about whether JP is good enough for this level , lets be honest none of our strikers managed to score from open play after the game at home to Harrow which was on March 24th.

Alfie and JP' s last goals from open play were even longer back , equally letting the most natural goalscorer we had go to keep a 38 year old who even 2 seasons ago was pretty much a bit part player is not filling me with confidence

with Ben being released , again for me we have no plan B , nobody to change a game when we are struggling to break sides down and no one with that searing pace that did so well in CS previously.

there will be no Grays , Sudbury , Merstham, Harrow Canvey , Harlow and all of those other sides that were not really up to a premier league standard , the fact that Wingate got to the play offs says a lot about the standard of the league we were in last season.

From what ive seen every team in the CS seems to have strengthened whilst we have stood still , the league seems to me have moved on a massive amount in the season we have been away.
I seriously hope we haven't underestimated it

so what do other think ?
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Re: expectations for next season

Postby EweMover8 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:48 am

I think Matt Tubbs could be 50/50 - either brilliant and hit the ground running, or be another Marvin Morgan. However, the difference is LB knows him and probably values him for his experience and dressing room prescence. I didn't and never liked Paterson and glad he's gone, but it may well come back to haunt us with him joining forces with his old partner at Oxford City. They have more potential to get goals perhaps than we do? I thought Hayter had done really well with us, and has always worked hard and never let us down. He's obviously got a good dressing room prescence and might be wanting some coaching experience so i guess it depends on the contract he's signed. If he's still on good money, then not sure why he'd remain really given that he hardly figures a league down from NLS. I like Prior and like Rutherford more. I think Prior needs to get fitter, he looked sluggish i thought a lot of the time. Given that he and AR scored so many goals in RPL with Bognor i'm not sure what happened really. We definitely need more goals if we are seriously going to challenge promotion to NS. I mean look at the 2 teams that were promoted - Maidenhead & Ebbsfleet and the goals they scored and the firepower they had. We need someone to get 25 goals this season to have any chance but goals to come from elsewhere too, a strike partner chipping in with 17/18 and midfield like Lewis getting another dozen, etc....We need more signings, another defender i feel, another winger to replace Swallows exit and another striker whos been there done it before at THIS level. Hopeful we can challenge for play off spot though especially given the rule changes mean we can finish 7th i think to still have an opportunity of promotion. : July 8th not far away.
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Re: expectations for next season

Postby lammy » Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:24 pm

It is so difficult to tell now, half way through June.
In general we have kept the players I would have expected (Hayter probably the exception), but although the first 11 look competitive, the overall squad looks really light.
I assume, as we have success with it coming home last time, that we will stick with 3 central defenders so we must surely need one more of them. Wes and Theo are so important to us and I can't see any natural replacements or competition for either of them?
Up front Jason is going to be crucial and should he pick up an injury, without Paterson, I don't see any replacement.
Three more good signings and we are ready :thumbup:
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Re: expectations for next season

Postby warren » Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:41 am

Usually in this league we start poorly, improve in October-December, have a dreadful winter then improve in the Spring.

Lets go with "not that" for a change.
Come on you Hawks.
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Re: expectations for next season

Postby JohnnyMac » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:43 am

EweMover8 and I have seen Pato completely differently this season, however, I will stick by my guns, I believe he is one of the best players at the club and proved that with some exceptional performances and important goals. I am devastated that he is gone, and believe he will be sorely missed! Think Oxford City have pulled off a great coup in signing him and Bennett.

As for my expectations - I supposed mid table mediocrity would be good enough - we have not strengthened our squad and I have big doubts about Prior and Rutherford at the higher level that coupled with Tubbs and Hayter's ages and letting Pato go, I think we may struggle. I do think we've got a fantastic midfield, but again defence is 'old' and will be put under a lot more pressure than this season. We need to strengthen, in depth imho to make any chance of promotion or even play offs a possibility.

Up the Hawks :)
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Re: expectations for next season

Postby ade » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:56 am

great thread idea, mk. k :geek:

I believe the new messiah has hit on a winning system and formula which our squad looks comfortable with.

we'll hopefully have an awesome addition to our squad with a fully fit, pre-season behind him, jordan rose :idea:

also expect to see mikey carter become even more of a hawks hero this coming season :idea:

like most, I'm so sad to see matt go. great attitude and vital goals....

to sum up, happy with the 1st. eleven, let's stay clear of injuries and silly suspensions :shifty:

with us coming in at later stages I fully expect us to perform well in the cups :shh:

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Re: expectations for next season

Postby jubileepark » Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:06 pm

Honestly, my minimum requirement is to avoid relegation.
I'd expect us to finish mid-table.
I think we'd have over-achieved to make the play-offs &/or get promotion - Although, obviously, i'd be over the moon with back to back promotions.

I also honestly believe that the current team is better than the team we we're relegated with, especially with the new found camaraderie with in the team and throughout the club. It'll be interesting to see how the bookies view our chances.

I'm also pretty sure Lee will will be bringing in a few more players for cover and to compete for a place in the starting 11.

I really enjoy pre-season, it's a chance to catch up with mates and enjoy football I the sunshine over a beer, although July 8th still seems ages away. At least the Confederations Cup start on Saturday and runs for a couple of weeks.

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Re: expectations for next season

Postby ade » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:26 pm

jesus :o didn't realise the isthmian league champions got entry to the confederation cup :angel:

yeah, just to be able to say 'we're back in conf sarf' after i was sure we'd never get back is priceless....

yeah, jubes, the sum of our current squed is better than the relegation squad if that makes sense. criminal to achieve relegation with those players....

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