What's going on

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What's going on

Postby montyles » Wed Mar 29, 2023 5:37 pm

I don't know if anyone still reads the forum, but I am going to ask anyway, is there a problem at the club? Firstly Clifford and Prior leave the club, then Dos moves to Director of football earlier than expected, a dramatic loss of form, which now sees us out of the play off positions, and now Stuart Munro has left his role. Is there an underlying problem?
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Re: What's going on

Postby CyprusHawk » Thu Mar 30, 2023 10:04 am

I agree, there's clearly something amiss at the club. I mean i can't believe the complete loss of form. We were riding high with the same squad, afterall we've got one of the top goalscorers in the division with Mo Faal, we get goals from all over the pitch which shows with Healy, McCarthy, Ruff with a hatful of goals around 25+ between them?! Doswell got a 12 match ban which lasted to the end of the season - this came as complete shock him moving into a DoF role? I can't say i've heard of that at non league/part time level?! Sounds strange. Recruitment can't have been all too clever, we've let Prior leave (for a substantial fee by all accounts that was too good to turn down and now he's scoring for fun a level higher) - we have relied on loanee goalkeepers and have clearly missed Worner, but now we have JC at the help managing and saying the same old thing after each match. He's winless. I can't see us really winning another game as its stands. We play Concord on Saturday who are bottom of the league, but over the last 15 matches i think they've a better record than us!! Its clearly relegation form so thank god for our terrific form earlier in the season. Most teams go from strength to strength. How do we go from losing just a couple of matches in the first half of the season to not winning in the second half of the season. Have we won yet this year? Its very annoying, disappointing etc. Is JC going to be the manager next season, at this stage and with the evidence, in my opinion i truly hope not! He's a legend at the club and he carried my son onto the pitch 15 years ago when he was a mascot and looked after him really well - Ellis has never forgotten this and as such has and will always be his favourite Hawk and one of mine, but......we need an experienced manager in to come and do a job for us. Steve King perhaps, although he's at Gloucester City he might have had his best years already. So who? We know we need a clear out as well with playing staff and we need to make DTS a fortress once again. Sadly i don't think we'll make the POs and if we do we aren't likely to get through on current form. So it'll have to be 2023/24 season.
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Re: What's going on

Postby emsworthhawk » Wed Apr 12, 2023 10:46 am

After many tears myself and my group if friends have had enough.
We dont know where we will go or what we will do next season but it certainly wont be Westleigh Park.
To be honest I was never a fan of Doswell , but give everyone a chance.
He said he had taken Sutton as far as he could (They are now in the Football League,since his departure!)
Well he has taken H and W backwards.
He has had all his own way but nothing to show.
The style of football has been poor and his only response to poor performances on the pitch was to shout at the ref.
There have been constant fall out with players and the recruitment has been poor with aged players just coming for a last pay day , it seems.

As for the artificial pitch - I , along with many others , hate it - wherever my football is in the future it will be on grass.
The service and quality of the beer in the bar has been poor , so much so that we stopped going in there from the start ofthis season,
The communications from the club to the support matches the performances on the pitch-non existent.

The atmosphere in the ground is non existent .

Lets have our club back and a grass pitch , local enthusiastic players and a manager who cares , perhaps then we will return , if not others will just join the exodus
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Re: What's going on

Postby westbourne bill2 » Fri Apr 14, 2023 11:47 am

Well if this is the only forum for sharing thoughts, it’s reassuring that we are on the same wavelength. Even when we were picking up points the football has been mostly direct and boring. Compare that with the way Worthing and St Albans ping the ball about and it’s clear that it doesn’t have to be that way. The players and management team have an appalling disciplinary record. There’s nothing classy about the way the team plays or seems to operate on or off the pitch. One of our group emailed to club enquiring about sponsoring McCarthy…no reply. The support away and at home has been unconditional yet the moment that support dares to complain about the performances they don’t like it. The players clearly got the hump at the post match reaction of the crowd last week and If you want to be told to “Fck off” by our ex CEO, just stand near him
and criticise the players as I did. Charming isn’t it?
The DoF role was created to accommodate Doswell because he’d incurred a 12 match ban for racially insulting the Ebbsfleet manager. It wasn’t his first offence which is why the ban was season-ending.
Classy eh?
The recruitment I agree has been poor. The appointment of Collins clearly the cheapest option. Despite gates increasing post covid elsewhere at non league level, gates have struggled to top 1100. Even Portchester had 1400 the other day. The experience and entertainment level is just not good enough however affordable they make admission prices.
I won’t be renewing my ST next year and I suspect the three pals I normally go with won’t either until there’s a clear out and Drosswell has gone. Quite what his DoF role entails is not known.We’ve not been told. All he said in the club video was that it will enable him to enjoy more time with his family so that’s absolutely great. Has certainly made a huge difference on the pitch hasnt it?!
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