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Sun May 20th 2018

April 2016: ‘We’ll never play at this level again’

July 2017: ‘I don’t think we realise what a big gap it is. Just give me staying up and winning the Hampshire Cup’

Well I got one bit right!

What you REALLY want is the following from June 2016 from my mate Matt, AKA King Of Spades and the great @HavantWvilleFC twitter feed:

‘While it isn’t a good thing it’s because of going down instead of up as we should've, it’s nice to see a league full of fresh teams. Maybe momentum from promotion this year puts us in position to put some teams back in their place next year and get to where we should be in 2 years’ time, beginning the hardest non-league challenge of growing into a potential league club!’

Should have been sectioned, mush!

So again I’m so pleased to be proved wrong by our awesome club, team and spirit. Yer see, we only played one Nat Sarf team in our Isthmian promotion season. That didn’t go great with a 7-0 reverse at Ebbsfleet United.

We only really added one player to that squad, Matt Tubbs who couldn’t get in the team! That’s no reflection on Matt who went on loan to get match fit and forced himself into the team with some great performances and vital goals. 7 goals in league in 17 appearances plus 9 as sub.

I go back to the Dartford home game where I saw a 0-0 draw as such a positive result.

Plus the horrendous early season home defeats where we squandered points from good positions.

Amazingly our first 9 home games were 2 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats. How incredible to end the season as champions after such a home start?!

Does show how amazing our away form was though. Grinding out narrow win after narrow win with an amazing return of clean sheets.

Then we sorted our home form and didn’t lose a home game after September.

The run in was incredible. Everytime I thought play-offs, we came back with a win against all the odds at some of the most difficult of places to go to.

We could actually ENJOY winning the Hampshire Cup, rather than waiting for a result from our fellow relegation candidates as we did in 2016.

Hampshire Cup with Jordan and The Enforcer

Then that mad day 28th. April where we went from STROLLING into the Nat League to nausing it up a treat! But these Hawks NEVER cease to amaze. As our great captain Brian said ‘We look out for each other and stand tall’

Cue our hero, our talisman Jason to nick it with a few minutes to go. Absolute mayhem!

Theo’s medal

Rhino Action

Portsmouth Senior Cup win at Fratton Park for shits and giggles! Plus the most amazing season ticket offer we’ve ever done!

My reliable predictions for next season? Just give me fifth from bottom, an FA Cup tickle and HSC win. Oh, and England haven’t got a chance!

Go on you *******! Prove me wrong again! You KNOW you want to!

Portsmouth Senior Cup

One last thing to the Hawks class of 2016-18. I’m 57 and HTID. Inevitably you guys will move on or whatever before I fall off my perch (as the great Mr. Faulkner would say). But can I just say ‘thankyou’? It’s been an honour watching you guys and bopping and jiving behind the goal and meeting some of you.

If I could bottle your spirit and spunk I could retire tomorrow!

#threecups #weveonlywonthreecups

COYH. Love, Ade

Proved wrong? What a great feeling!

Sun May 14th 2017

So now the dust has settled I hope you enjoy my ramblings on last season.

I always said to my Hawkmates that if we ever went down from Conf Sarf we’d not come back in my lifetime. A bit dramatic? Let me explain.

Yer see in the Southern League there’s always some nobber with more money than sense that will spend ridiculous money to win the league. So you can achieve 91 points, finish second and lose out in the play-offs to a team who finished 13 points behind you.

Then, of course, we got put in the Isthmian League and, guess what, no nobber! In fact all the talk amongst non-league weirdoes was about OUR budget! How they know is a story for another day.

Of course there is now in Billericay, which is up to him/ them. What I’m getting at is that they will win the Isthmian next season. So if we hadn’t gone up we’d have been totally ****ed. Might have even been shifted to the Southern League where Hereford would have lied in wait.

So eventually after the Impossible Relegation I enjoyed my best day ever in football at Kingstonian on the 22nd. April 2017.

Of course we should never have gone down but it’s churlish look back as we’ve discovered a new tough Hawks with an astonishing all in this together team spirit.

Thankyou, oh New Messiah.

There was fan disquiet during the season as several fans thought we were under achieving. This may have been viewed as arrogance by our rivals but not a bit of it. A lot of us knew that the players on our bench would be first names on the teamsheets of the other clubs in the Isthmian!

What the Messiah really got right was the formation in the end. Full credit to him as many of us were crying out for a traditional 442 with flying wingers!

And we found resilience when it counted. Our last 7 games yielding 5 wins and 2 draws. Maybe 3 of those wins coming after being a goal down?

I think we can lose the ‘bottler’ tag?

Reality check? Ouch! 1st. October 7-0 defeat at Ebbsfleet in the FA Cup 3rd. qual. I’m sure everyone at Hawks HQ is aware of the challenge we now face back in conference footie action!

Great that many fan’s favourites have committed long-term to the Hawks.

And of course we have the Portsmouth Senior Cup final against Petersfield on Tuesday 23rd. May at Fratton Park to look forward to. Not too sure we used this competition for what we originally intended this season but it’s not about that! It’s about getting down the Shepherd’s Crook at 5 before the game and having a great night celebrating promotion, looking forward to next season and talking absolute bollocks with yer mates!


Love, Ade

The Astonishing Relegation....

Mon Jul 04 2016

After wallowing in Hawk misery, closely followed by England misery, here's my ramblings on last season.

Now I know I need to slot it and enjoy the forthcoming season but I still keep getting the 'how on earth did we manage that' voices....

With the squad we assembled last pre-season I have the following scene played out in my head:

You need to get relegated
What!? That's unachievable. We'll try for a 'bad' season and finish twelfth
Not bad enough. It's relegation or bust. Plus when the budgets gone and we're in the poo you can sign two players from QPR, a goalscoring centre-half and a midfielder from the league above.
AND, when we're REALLY in poo at the end of the season you can sign two of Gosport's finest coz they haven't paid them
You're taking the **** now!

As I say, I need to slot it and remember some of the brilliant times the New Messiah has given me since he rescued us from the mess we were in almost three years ago. Knowing He can deliver again so long as we have the faith!

We did win my beloved Hampshire Senior Cup, a first for the Hawks. Of course it doesn't mean a bolt compared to the misery of relegation and we did our best to nause it up with some ludicrous formation where no one knew where they were playing and we could have been well beaten before we changed to a practical 442 and dominated the last twenty minutes. So no, we weren't lucky, just astonishingly stupid and trying to be clever.

A great battling back performance in the FA Cup 4th. qualifying round against National League winners Cheltenham Town. I didn't go to the reply but by all accounts we gave a good show there as well.

Enjoyable run to the last 16 of the Trophy, beating two National sides en route. All of this shows how good we could have been :(

I can't prove this but no one can prove me wrong, 442 with Matty and the Urban Fox up front all season and we would NEVER have gone down!

More wallowing: It turned out that we could have lost 10-0 at home to Weston on the last day. All we had to do was score one poxy goal against seven changes Truro in the previous game and we would have stayed up. Or we could have just kept it down to 4-0 at St. Albans :(

Good to see the Hybrid Hawks get to the final of the Portsmouth Senior Cup again. Men against boys in the final but a valiant effort from our young stars of the future.

ENOUGH wallowing I hear you shout! I leave the kinda last words to Mr. Ketchup 'At the end of the day it's about watching the Hawks with yer mates'

COYH, Love, Ade

#slot #enjoy #onlyagame

Hawks 2015-16. The first Hawks team to win the prestigious Hampshire Senior Cup. Portsmouth Senior Cup runners-up. Achieved relegation against all the odds.


Delayed Reflections...

Wed Jul 15 2015

So why the huge gap between now and my last scribblings? Over a year....

I guess because of the season before lasts amazingly dramatic treble attempt? Still trying to take it all in and dissect it? Plus I'm a firm believer that if you don't feel the need to ramble then don't!

We failed to win trophies on three fronts, but wasn't it great to be involved? Sort of....

We had two honours to add to our honours board, how ever much that hurts. It would be ASTONISHINGLY arrogant to suggest getting to an FAT semi-final is not an honour because we lost to Gosport Borough :)

To finish 6th. and just miss out on the play-offs was another massive blow. But people have short memories.

After the semi-final defeat well adjusted respected friends of mine said, 'forget it, Ade. We've far to much to do to make the play-offs'

We were 15 points behind with 10 games in hand and my mates were sadly proved right. But what an Herculean effort?!

Top it all off with an extra-time defeat in the Hampshire Senior Cup final to Basingscrote! 'It shouldn't happen to a dog' as Alan Ball once said :)

Fast forward to the start of last season and the play-offs were our target and, of course, the 1st. round proper of the FA Cup.

The New Messiah duly delivered and one would like to think some serious fold into the bargain with BT Sports choosing our tie at home to Preston North End as their 1st. round live showpiece.

I get the feeling we should have done better after getting into the play-off bracket. That's in no way a criticism of anyone! I just felt so much better when we were beating then drawing with Whitehawk, in the last league game, than I did after we eventually lost.

Bit of a downer Hampshire Senior Cup wise but factor in that stranger that was the Portsmouth Senior Cup.

Initially I just didn't get how it was a first team competition. Beating Southsea United 13-0 to register our biggest ever win was just naff!

I get it now. It had to be a first team competition so we could play whoever we wanted when ever we wanted. Hope that makes sense?

And what a superb evening it was when we stuck to our guns and our hybrid academy/ first team fringe players beat the Wessex Premier Champions, Petersfield Town, 4-2 at the Stadium of Dreams.

The 474 gate that witnessed us securing our first trophy for 11 years must be some kind of modern day record?

So another THREE honours for our creaking honours board!

Such is the nature of football sadly it's time to bid farewell to Rhino, Pez, Josh and Harry Wedlake. Particularly sad about Rhino as I adopted him as 'one of us' :(

Four high profile signings in, a cracking season ticket deal and the Stadium of Dreams looks fantastic! Can't wait to see my pals behind the goal so very soon!

Hawks FC 2014-15. Conference South play-off semi-finalists. FA Cup 1st. round proper and the champions of ALL Portsmouth!!


Love, Ade


Tue Apr 29 2014

Firstly apologies to anyone that reads my ramblings for the delay it's taken me to blog-out.

Yer see, what I try to do is wait for a moment to kinda some up the last few weeks. But in 2014 there hasn't been a moment when we haven't been playing. So anything I did would immediately be out of date.

Anyway, right after my last blog we had two 'beamer' moments in the shape of FA Trophy home wins against Ebbsfleet and Aldershot closely followed by the season's first crushing blow in the shape of defeat to Gosport, one game away from a, hopefully not once in a lifetime, day out at Wembley.

Plenty has been written about it and plenty more said so here's my take: Gosport done a number on us and beat us fair and square over two legs, talk of our players not wanting it is bollox and insulting. Rather than play Gosport we played an FA Trophy semi-final with Wembley as the prize.

And d'you know what? If the higher placed team always won cup encounters, there would be no cup competitions. Thank the Lord football's not as simple as that.

We could have skulked around the bottom half of the table feeling sorry for ourselves but actually went on a run ending in us missing out on the play-offs on goal difference that many of my close and longstanding Hawk mates said was impossible.

'Can't be done. all we can do is scramble enough points to avoid relegation'

'No teams ever done it from this position'

I retorted with 'We don't have to win every game. We're fifteen points behind with ten games in hand. One and a half points per game and we'll be right in the mix'

Ultimately I guess both views were proved right....

Latter season 1-0 nerve-racking home wins against Bromley, Concorde Rangers and the Beasts were additional highlights for me. But I bet everyone's got their personal fives?

Everyone's entitled to their opinion so here's mine: This is the best Hawks team I've ever seen would be an insult. We haven't got a team. We have maybe twenty players that have been awesome during our rollercoaster ride of hope and despair.

We have the best Hawks Management team ever. I fact EVERYTHING about the Hawks is better than it has ever been.

I didn't go to our second crushing disappointment of the season at Tonbridge last Saturday. I gambled we'd snake through and I'd see three more games in our titanic season.

This isn't a pop, just an observation. If Dover didn't win, lose or draw we would be in the play-offs. If Dover won we HAD to win. So with five minutes to go why wasn't Benji upfront with us really going for it. Protecting a point was pointless.

Hope my arithmetic's making sense?

Sadly I guess we've seen the last of Benji? I've been told he's playing for Lichtenstein late May? I'm proud to have had Lichtenstein's number one playing for us for a few short months.

Looking forward to the HSC Final on 12th. May and meeting in the Shepherds Crook beforehand.

But also looking forward to season ticket announcements, pre-season friendlies and talking bollox to the Hawks Family.

COYH, love, Ade

Monkey Oakley with the #treblelegend's trophies. Hope the HSC Final mug turns silver?

In Search of the Holy Trinity....

Sat Jan 04 2014

So after witnessing the Second Coming, with Mr. Bradbury's appointment last season, we now embark on the above journey for the the Hawks Family....

I'm writing this on Saturday as our game at home to Whitehawk has understandably been postponed. Allow me to digress, I've just heard on Talksport at ten to two, that Bournemouth/ Burton Albion has just been postponed due to waterlogged pitch!

Now I know it's difficult to win these weather related public relations exercises but you ain't telling me it wasn't waterlogged at six this morning!!?? Not good....

Basically all I've got to say is how great it is to be involved in three competitions in January?

Leaguewise five points off the play-offs with two games in hand. Games in hand that will count for nothing if we don't keep our superb run going. But we WILL keep it going!

Listening to Trevor read out our team at the start of games now just gives me a surge of confidence. For example: Capt Scott, Dan, Eddie, Pele, Dan, Nic, Pezza, Nigey, Scott, The Menace & Gnasher!!

I stress that's just for example! Add a fit again Christian plus Prez, Rambo, Rhino, Jakey, Warren.... I've probably missed someone out, if so I'm sorry, but that just proves how STRONG we are!

Hampshire Senior Cup we're in the quarter-finals where failure is not an option! Difficult tie at home to Farnborough on the 20th. but it's a one-off at home.

I'm making NO assumptions but the final's at Fratton Park this year. If our attitude and application is right we can win this mug and really enhance our profile locally and sell a truckload of ace deal season tix for next season.

Not that I'm one for jumping ahead and putting pressure on....

The Trophy? Well we're in the last sixteen with a home tie this coming Saturday against a very strong team from our league. At first I thought 'poo draw' but it really could have been SO much worse.

Three massive games from Wembley then? #marchtothearch

To end I wish all my Hawkmates a Happy New Year and, trust me, we're on the verge of Making History!!

This is gonna be fun!!

Tue Sep 17 2013

And yes I do say so myself!!

I'm writing this Friday evening, 13th. Sept. I won't finish it until Monday evening.

What a wonderful win last Wednesday against all the odds. What wonderful spirit Lee & Shaun have instilled in our superb team. We've now got won 2, drawn 2, lost 2 and are kinda back on even keel? The annoying thing is I can't help thinking that should read no defeats and two extra points if we'd just a bit more cute.

Looking forward to HAYO at home tomorrow feeling confident but far from complacent.

Hoping Scott recovers soon but impressed with our young loan 'keeper Wednesday. Plus what about our magical Christian!?

So now is that time of year when I get Cup Fever!! Who will we get in Monday's 2nd. qualifying round draw? Who do I WANT? I was having a chat with some mates. The consensus was 'anyone but a fellow Conf South club'. sounds good to me! But then we start moving the goalposts:

'Yeah, but not Weymouth away!', 'Or Poole'.

What would do me in the pants would be a Wessex or Sussex League club away. Not that I'm suggesting that would be a passage to the 3rd. qual. If we went there with that attitude we'd get bitten right in the 'arris!

I say goodnight to you, looking forward to tomorrow but thinking aswell of FA Cup glory and graveyards....

Dogs Bollox!! Gave HAYO a two goal start and couldn't finish. Fair play to Hayes. What a shame on the back of all that hard work last Wednesday night....

Onward to Mondays draw. As I say, anyone, anywhere so long as we avoid a club from our own division. Then I can finish my first blog of the season, dissecting said tie!

Tis Sunday, let's have a look at some of the winners from yesterdays 1st. qualifying round we could get: AFC Portchester, Poole Town or maybe old adversaries like Bashley or Weymouth? Or those horrible gits from Frome? Or maybe teach Bognor the THIRD lesson!!

Monday 1300hrs. JESUS!! Didn't see that one coming!! I made a pact with the Devil, anyone but a Conf. Sarf team....

And he's stuck to it, but somehow we've still got a team from our level??!!

Proof if you needed it, Beelzebub is not to be trusted. He's done me up like a kipper. Really tough draw.

Even though it's grim up North, let's get amongst it!!

COYH. Love, Ade

Robbing banks in the UK (And Other Summer Pastimes)....

Fri May 17 2013

£165 for a season ticket before the end of May??!!

I mean £180 is a superb deal, but £165??!! Plus the Pompey friendly!!??

Now I've never hid my appalling money management skills and am as skint as usual. But there's no easy way of saying this, it's worth robbing banks for.

21 league games @ £13 a pop = £273. You do the maths, as you youngsters say.

I assume a season ticket also includes the Westleigh Gold card which gives ANOTHER 10% off drinks. Making a Guinni something like £2.65!

Harsh economic facts have meant we've had to increase pay on the day to £13 but hopefully that will be another persuasive prompt to get fans robbing banks on masse.

Don't try this at home, kidz!!

I love the Hawks and football in general but despair at our Premiership with regards to treatment of managers. Nigel Atkins, two consecutive promotions and holding their own, sacked, and replaced by a mush who needs an interpreter.

Brian Mc. Dermott, gets Reading up in the play-offs, always gonna be too much to expect them to stay-up, but they would get the parachute payment and could regroup and come again. Sacked, and replaced by the mush who Saints somehow decided wasn't good enough for them.

And then there's Mancini....

Do I not like football? Talk about the Hawks all week. Can't WAIT for the next game I'm going to!

Feel ok 'till we're 1-0 up....

At 2-0 I feel totally sick. You see we CAN'T lose now!! Coz we've kinda already won! We CAN'T not win now!

So I just wish my time away trying not to fetch up....

Hawks fans after conceding a late equalizer.

Then it's 3-0. I feel great! I wanna watch the Hawks today FOREVER. But there's only 90 seconds of stoppage time left....

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted....

COYH, love, Ade

The Hawk Experience.... Go On, Indulge Yerself!

Mon Apr 01 2013

Between courses in the wonderful Maurie Hibberd Suite. One of my mates
riveted by the conversation.
Me, my little girl and six mates were lucky enough to be treated by Mr. Ketchup at the recent Truro Tickle at the Stadium of Dreams.

Mr. Ketchup treated us to Matchday Hospitality at the Hawks in memory of his Gran, who passed away some months back and what a class act the Hawks have become at this corporate matchday lark!

Mr. Ketchup did this before, I think on his 50th. birthday? It worked for me. One of our then directors bunged some wonga behind the bar and the guinni certainly flowed.

But there was a certain 'here's the buffet, lads, get on with it' vibe about it.

Not so now! It's a different world! Let me talk you through the experience.

Meet up at half-twelveish in our normal bar, the Westleigh. Greeted by Steve and his wonderful staff. For the uninitiated the Westleigh is quality. Loadsa choice, and four screens to watch the early Sky game if you wish.

Well priced drinks which get even cheaper when you become a Hawks season ticket holder after catching the bug, but that's another story....

One fifteen escorted to the excellent Maurie Hibberd Suite where a plethora of handsome sorts meet and greet you, show you to plush tables and take yer drink orders.

Lumpy Bumpy Choccy Pud, just like Grandma Ketchup used to make.
This suite has a screen and a backdrop of Hawks History Artwork. On the tables are match programmes and soon after an excellent meal and desert.

The package includes entrance to the match AND a seat in the stand!

Our Stadium Manager makes contact just before halftime to inform us we're required for complimentary halftime refreshments.... in the boardroom!!

Many are called, few are chosen!!

As I say, we were lucky enough to be invited guests but the Hawks Matchday Experience can work for you on so many levels. £35 all in per person is affordable for just a bunch of mates to get together once a season. Celebrations obviously, or just a works day out?

Spread the word and get hold of our personable, charismatic Stadium Manager, Adi Aymes, and book yer party on the Hawks Beano Express!!

COYH, love, Ade

Talk to me about targets...

Thu Mar 14 2013

Prior to the recentish Salisbury tickle, me and some pals were enthusing about our Hawks. How we were only a point outside the bottom 3 but how we were enjoying watching the Hawks bigtime.

We also agreed we'd soon be enjoying really goodtimes!

I expressed surprise at Deanos sacking by Aldershot whereupon one of my buddies says 'Yeah, but if we're fourth from bottom this time next year, we'd be asking some questions of Lee'

My whole take on the Deano situation was a 'what do Aldershot realistically expect' kind vibe.

Which led me to this blog. As in what are our Hawk targets? Where do we think we should be and what are we aiming for?

A few seasons ago I thought we were punching above our weight just being in Conference South. Now my perception is we're stable members.

But looking up scares me!!

Have a look at the current Conference Premier clubs and average attendances:

Luton Town
Grimsby Town
Stockport County
Mansfield Town
Newport County
Cambridge United
Lincoln City
Kidderminster Harriers
Hereford United
AFC Telford United
Macclesfield Town
Forest Green Rovers
Nuneaton Town
Ebbsfleet United
Alfreton Town
Braintree Town

The club with an average 6000 aren't even in the play-off bracket! Could we really compete? Is Conference South the REAL pinnacle of 'non-league' football?

A lot of the clubs in there are traditionally bigger than a lot of clubs currently in League 2!

BUT I'm firmly of the opinion that we have to aim high. If we just accept we're a Conference South club we will ultimately be relegated. Not now, not next season but eventually....

I welcome your comments and I look forward to us Hawks gracing Kenilworth Road in front of the Mad Hatters!

COYH, love, Ade

Half Term Report, sort of...

Sun Jan 20 2013

Bereft of Hawkaction, I feel an overwhelming urge to do the above.

We started off with what can be described as a crazy few months. Few doubted our wisdom in appointing Stuart and Sean as our new management ‘A’ Team.

And when Sean was, er, relieved and we captured Barry Blankley some even suggested that could be our best signing of the season. All, of course, going horribly wrong resulting in their joint dismissal after only ten games.

Add to that the Fallon Fiasco and we were pretty much all over the shop.

Mr. Bradbury’s appointment hardly led to universal appeal but I think it’s fair to say he’s now got almost universal approval. Not that we’re winning every game but when I see a home defeat I walk away thinking ‘but I can see what we’re trying to do, and I so like it’. Indeed, some half decent finishing of our lovely footie and we’d be right up the table.

Although currently in the relegation mire, I’m convinced we’re about to embark on an ASTONISHING run!!

I didn’t WANT Shaun Gale to be sacked. But we HAD to. Some may see that as hypocrisy but I can’t legislate for such cobblers.

So when he was announced as our new Assistant Boss I was stunned. How does that work? How has he changed from the touchline cac and the nonsense in the press? But as far as I’m concerned it HAS worked.

Some may point to the table, I prefer to point to the future and the Sexbeast Soccer we’re serving up.

Harvey went, was recalled, then went again. Seems a shame but I guess one can see the logic if he’s not going to play….

Funny thing about Academies. I for one would be most disappointed without one but it begs the question: how many players come through and became first team regulars?

Listening to Talksport the other day they asked the same question about Tottenham Hotspur. The caller in to the shows answer was ’well the last two were Chris Hughton and Ledley King!’

Some more plus points for the season? Ollie blossoming in to the real deal. Christian’s whole game just getting better. Youth players coming here on loan and actually being good! Believe me, that’s not a statement you make lightly.

Hoping against hope that Tuesday nights HSC quarter-final is on at home to Sholing where we continue to try and end these sickening scenes:


COYH, love, Ade

An Open Letter To Cardinal Chunder, our Fantastic BOD and Hawkfans Everywhere!

Thu Nov 29 2012

Okay, I get the feeling the ‘Beast Project’ is imploding before their owner’s eyes?

I get the vibe that the Good Cardinal is a man of honour, passion and humour? Such as would fit in well with us Hawks?

He can’t win at Beasts. They moan if they don’t sign a player every 7 minutes and I put it to the Cardinal that most posters on the Beast forum are not Beast fans, just Ian Baird groupies just wanting and waiting to moan!

They have no ground and no class!

Just look what he COULD become involved with. Excellent ground, excellent club and BOD.

We’re not looking for an owner and someone to boast about losing £260.000, no!! I want the Cardinal to invest in and be part of our future.

No ego trips or personal agendas, just the opportunity to become part of the global brand that is

All clubs have divot fans but Beasts are under investigation by Offfan for having a monopoly on mullet supporters.

Singing in other clubs social clubs, getting their baps out and plastering their petty squabbles all over their forum! I promise to introduce the Cardinal to Lee and break him in gently.

Of course, all this is just my personal wish but if the two parties are interested, I have no problem in initiating the initial interface.

My normal agency rates of 7 guinni, mushroom madras, half rice/ half chips, half a garlic nan apply. Ooo, and a lift home.

Come on, Stewart (if I may be familiar) YOU could be part of this:

The sartorial elegance of our charismatic manager

The class, breeding and rugged good looks of Chairman Del

The Stadium Of Dreams

Over to you, Stewart. The futures pink, what do you think?

COYH, love, Ade

More Farfetched Than Eastenders!

Thu Nov 08 2012

So three straight league defeats after the opening two wins of Lee’s reign….

But I’m SO encouraged by the stuff we’re playing and the general positive and professional air about the Stadium of Dreams!

Doesn’t get us any points and don’t let some blinkered turkey tell you we’re not in a relegation battle.

We need to capture some points or this tight league will become a tight league with us cut adrift….

Our two young loan players looked great against Welling, which is not a statement you make lightly with our history of youth players we’ve borrowed in the past.

Desperate to see Ryan Moss get his chance to partner Ollie. In the brief glimpses I’ve seen, they really seem to make room for and compliment each other.

Isn’t it funny how I can talk myself into accepting things are fundamentally wrong with the aid of my Hawkspecs?

All the embarrassing public humiliation Mr. Fallon put us through…. But I can kid myself he’ll come round to our way of doing things because I so WANT our partnership to be a success for the good of all things Hawklike.

Now, of course, I can tell everyone that he didn’t even LOOK like a Hawk and we’re better off without him!


Sorry for the brevity of my blog, but as regular readers will be aware my workload’s been increased recently due to the humungus financial losses announced by my Beastial friends.

See my pals Saturday at the big Hants/ Sussex derby as we try to take our first steps on the way to getting our puds on this ******

COYH, love, Ade


Mon Oct 15 2012

Twas my blog of 17th. August that was entitled ‘er, we’ve had quieter close seasons!’

It’s fair to say the crazy ride that is the Hawks, shows little sign of easing up at the mo.

Amazing really. We see Shaun survive for maybe 3 years of poo prior to the sack, Stuart and Baz last just 10 games!

Most importantly, I do trust our board. The ones I know are nice, sensible approachable guys. Lee Bradbury I was ok with but I just don’t get the Shaun as assistant thing.

Don’t get me wrong, for what it’s worth I like Shaun. Always approachable and up for a friendly footie chat. I just got sick of the constant hounding of officials rather than coaching our team. The way he seemed to fall out with all our players, eventually. The cobblers in the press, slagging off players.

I really don’t want to witness such undignified bollox again! Now if Shaun’s changed in the intervening 7 months or so, fine!

Having said all of this, to suggest any Hawks fan wants them to fail is madness. Even the most cynical pessimistic fan who doesn’t rate the appointments will LOVE to be proved wrong.

Haven’t seen my Hawks since the North Leigh tickle, so looking forward to Tuesdays HSC clash against US Pompey. The HSC has its detractors and we’ve certainly messed ourselves up in it previous seasons. But I’m a big fan and we could really do with getting a good run of results together after the great start at Basingstoke.

Just a real shame it clashes with Poland/ England. Hardly gonna help the gate….

Oh and a big thanks to Adi and his team for stepping into the breach yet again with such impressive results!

COYH, love, Ade

Hawks FA CUP run 2012-2013 RIP...

Mon Sep 24 2012

The North Leigh Ultras prepare to inspire their heroes
And to be honest, there was a sense of relief at the end. Something I've never experienced before.

Yer see, I can handle getting bundled out the best cup competition in the world by a side two divisions below us. That's the beauty of the competition.

But you'd expect an old fashioned blood and thunder scrap with our keeper up front carrying the kitchen sink to sling at the pesky upstarts.

That was not the case. I don't do 'deserve to win'. It ain't a boxing match where you get points for attacks.

Let's just say North Leigh played the better football and wasted a hatful of opportunities.

Whereas my beloved Hawks made their keeps pull off one splendid save from Sahr with 5 to go and that, my friends, was the sum total of our contribution.

Yeah, we gave it some urgency in the last 5 but that makes me feel worse, if you follow my warped thinking?

My last blog was prior to our season opener home to Chelmo. We were filled with excitement for our brave new dawn. Strangely I still am but have a 'where do we go from here?' vibe about me. Weird, isn't it?

I believe in Stuart and Baz so what's the problem? I also think our players are good and like our new signings?

And there ARE positives to take from this season so far. Our never knowing when we're beaten attitude which has seen us gain some unlikely points, sadly lacking against North Leigh.

And, do you know what? I've seen glimpses of some great football from us!

Having given myself more question than answers I'll leave it there hoping someone can explain this malaise to me....

Off to Chilly Jocko Land for a Safety Group Conference, missing you already....

See my Hawks family at US Portsmouth for the Cup That Really Matters!!

COYH, love, Ade

Jump aboard the hawks polaris!

Fri Aug 17 2012

You’ve probably read enough about the Olympics, well tough bananas coz I’m having my say!

Yer see being passionately English I’ve always struggled a bit with identifying with the Great Britain thing. This has grown over the years with some people, and I stress some, from the other Home Nations having a distinct anti-English thing going on.

Monkey put me right with ‘I know you love England, Dada, but isn’t it nice to sometimes all be part of the same community’

When I voiced my dilemma to a lady at work I was met by ‘Don’t let a few miserable gits spoil it, it they don’t want to get involved so what?’

I’ve always prided myself on setting my own standards and not reacting to others and felt quite ashamed really….

But after sorting myself out how good were we??!!

And it really was TEAM GB both on and off the pitch if you get my drift.

On to the fruity bits and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a new season.

Some great new signings to add to the wonderful players we already had.

Fellow Hawks may say I’m tempting fate but that’s a load of cobblers coz what ever I say on hear has no effect on our performances whatsoever.

So I’m talking play-offs and a MAJOR run in one of the two main cups. You read it here first!

We welcome the traditionally strong Chelmsford City Saturday and how truly wonderful it is to be making that statement!

THAT’S what the 28th. April 2012 was all about!

COYH, love, Ade

er, we've had quieter close seasons!

Mon Jun 25 2012

Really missing my Hawks family so thought I'd do a kinda commentary on what we’ve all seen so far. More importantly a big hello and can’t wait to see everyone in just a coupla weeks time.

Looks like Maidenhead will be reprieved relegation? They keep their house in order unlike others (rings a bell with me) who spend what they ain’t got, so find it difficult to argue.

BUT don’t let anyone tell you that detracts from the sweetest Hawks five seconds EVER!!

A superb press conference, I’ve never been involved in anything thing like that, ‘Looville or Hawks. Really enjoyed it.

Great to meet the somewhat shortlived management duo, although with regard to Sean New I don’t see what choice we had. Suffice to say we’ve all made silly mistakes, me more than most, and I hope he gets things on track. Plus we seem to have fallen on our feet with the appointment of Barry Blankley.

Seem to remember watching him years ago in ‘Looville/ Bashley encounters?

Really sad to lose Johnno who will always be ‘The Man Who Saved The Hawks’ Maybe it wouldn’t have worked but I wish we could have found a place for such a superb coach….

That’s not demeaning Adi’s roll by the way….

Likewise Joe Dolan will always be a Hawks hero. But would he have played next season? Would we want a veteran warhorse centre-half on the bench? Would Joe wanna be there? Probably not but still a shame. Could have done without The News seemingly stoking up negative vibes.

Me and Monkey wish Joe all the very best, be it playing or coaching in the future.

Some great signings with a keeper, centre-half and centre-forward added. Yeah, I know where all waiting for that magical 15 goal a season midfield dynamo!

Season ticket wise I think we’ve been a victim of our own superb deals! No price wise for 9 years? Astonishing and £180 big ones is STILL superb.

Can’t wait to get ours.

Tom Davis? I know we can’t say too much but let’s just say I hope it goes to court!

So we have a great pre-season schedule and personally MASSIVE hopes for the season!!

COYH, love, Ade

Above That Beautiful Dotted Line!

Wed May 02 2012

No matter how many football matches you watch how come there is always something new and unexplainable?

You could live to 1000, watch footie all yer life and yet never see the player manager of your opponents sent off for wrestling a mankini wearing invader.

You can try to explain the events of Saturday to partially interested parties who weren't there but it no way does it justice.

You need to checkout the link to Skif's superbly renamed 'Departing Waterloo, Destination Havant 'Ville' site to relive it, tingles and all!

That's not dissing Rich's superb match report on this very site.

Both our match and the Maidenhead/ Beast tickle are halfway through three minutes stoppage time and we're hanging on to Conference survival as long as Maidenhead or our guests don't score.... But that would be TOO cruel wouldn't it?

But faces turned white as a barely audible 'Maidenhead have just scored' is whispered in such a way that said whisperer might still be hoping such a ghastly vision of such a scenario would disappear....

I'm prepared. We're in the Southern League. I'll get my value season ticket. I'll still be at football with my mates and Monkey. No one's died and as far as we know we're all healthy? Let's put it in perspective, it's a disaster to us today but look at the big picture, does it REALLY matter? In three weeks time we'll actually be looking forward to our Southern League adventure!

See! How sorted am I!? Then... we score... Na, this it too much. This doesn't happen to my team. Let me tell you what happens to my team:

We're involved in a battling 0-0 draw, down to ten men, battling for vital points in our relegation scrap. Our flamboyant winger scores but with twenty minutes left it's MUCH too early.

But astonishingly we hold on! Na, we hold on to the last minute of stoppage time when one of their scrotes hits a worldy lob he does a hundred times in training. Yeah right!

That's what happens to MY team.

But no, it's not disallowed and even we haven't got time to concede again. Astonishing scenes at the stadium of dreams!

THE best Hawks moment I've ever been involved with. Remember the 28th. April 2012 as the pivotal day in Hawks history. Back from the vortex, the only way is up, baby.

Everything seems to be in place. I'm excited as I type to hear the new manager announcement, early bird season ticket offers, new signing rumours, preseason fixtures....

Have a wonderful Summer. Enjoy England!

COYH, love, Ade

Safety? Our Number One Core Value!

Wed Apr 25 2012

Seems like just a couple of weeks ago we were basking in the August sunshine at Borehamwood watching Lee Peacock score after two minutes to give us an opening day win.

Lee was going to be a Hawk legend. He was going to be our talisman for a coupla years prior to perhaps moving into the coaching side of things. A real shame it didn't work out.

Story of our season really, 'it didn't really work out'. Hideous early exits from the two major cups and a semi-final exit to lower league opposition in the Hampshire Cup.

Add that to our woeful league from, which sees us teetering on the brink of relegation, and it's been a pretty poor season!

But this morning we're still outside then bottom three as we all approach the final game of the season. We've been given our fate back in our own hands.

A win at home to 15th. placed Staines will guarantee Conference footie. A draw or defeat and we'll be in the repulsive situation of watching internet score updates on Hawk mobiles. Tres Bollox!

Let's win Saturday! Let's end on a positive! And YES, let's celebrate avoiding abject disaster!

Join me for the staying up sprinkler! If we can't celebrate then what on earth are we doing here?

THEN we can start inquests if anyone sees the point. I suggest we know where and why things went wrong. Let's all learn from it, regroup and move forward together.

PROGRESS TOGETHER as some Latin mush said.

COYH, love, Ade

#guinness #singinganddancing #sprinkler

Then there was two....

Wed Apr 18 2012

Such euphoria following the back to back victories over Truro and Salisbury which lifted us to the dizzy heights of 17th. in Conf Sarf.

I think like a lot Hawks, I subconsciously expected us to rise, phoenix like, up the table and serenely stroll to survival prior to our assault on the title next season!

Rudely back down to earth as Dover then Basingscrote inflicted home defeats upon us. To make it worse we played a total of a whole game against ten men and failed to score.... although we were certainly band at against the latter. No one can ever accuse our team of lack of spirit, effort or application.

BUT it's all still in our own hands with are last two games against at likewise relegation haunted Farnborough and then a potential final day showdown, home to Staines. Last nights Hampton defeat helps as well!

Now is not the time for Hawks (players and fans) to lose faith and belief. Now is the time to be BULLISH! We have the players to go to Farnborough Saturday and win.

Three short weeks ago we'd have been chuffed to be in this position.

It doesn’t matter what you may have thought about Shaun, the board or whatever! The time for talking and posting must cease! This is the big one, the ONLY one!

We CAN avert disaster and push on from here with smiles and laughter all around our Stadium of Dreams.

Failing which we descend to an abyss from which we may never return….

Don’t think I’m being dramatic or building this up to something it ain’t. There’s always some twat with too much wonga to throw at some ‘new club’ to get promoted.

96 points, finish second and miss out in the play-offs. Good season? No, ******* disaster!

Our time is now. Let’s go down in history as the boys and girls that saved the Hawks and powered us to uncharted territory.

COYH, love, Ade

#hawkarmy #lastoneoutturnthelightsout #allinthistogether #hawk4life

Sixth Sense?

Wed Apr 04 2012

"The time has gone for discussing how we got in this mess or what changes need to be made to get us out. We are what we are now. We have who we have.

This is it. We collectively try our hardest and pray!"

Oh yes! I've certainly got my finger on the pulse! We decided that it wasn't too late to make a managerial change with the departure of Shaun.

Shaun goes from the boss as a Hawks Legend. Will any team from Div. 6 of the best league in the world ever get to the last 32 of the greatest cup competition in the world? I'll leave that one with you....

Maybe it dragged on too long? But there is a sense of relief that I hope Shaun feels a tinge of.

While I know it was the right decision, I also feel sadness and I don't understand how people don't understand that you can have those feelings without veiled accusations of hypocrisy flying about?

It sure is exciting news in our Hawks world as we also announce a massive welcome to Jim Fallon as vice-chairman.

Funny how one's perception of a friendly can change. 'We have a prestigious friendly against Bournemouth with free entry' says Trevor. Reluctant as I am to EVER disagree with the people's Director, I'm thinking, how does this work? A friendly where we get no money and can only result in injuries to our most important players. It goes without saying I had no intention of going....

ALL CHANGE with recent developments, I'm thinking, we really need this game and so do the players and our caretaker management to tweak our tactics, get a system together to prepare for these massive six games.

And it was superb! Must have been 400 there to witness a close fought Hawks 3-2 win with great football and no constant berating of officials. Totally refreshing springs to mind.

After recent results we're only one point of the safety position. Let's regroup, get amongst it look forward to one hectic Hawks party!

Hope all migrating Hawks have a wonderful, safe Easter in beautiful Cornwall. Just promise you'll bring me a point home to really set us up for three home games on the bounce.


COTH, love, Ade

Seventh Heaven?

Wed Mar 28 2012

What is it about football?

I look forward to it all week. I talk about it all week with my mates....

Then when Saturday comes I despise to the degree that it makes me feel physically sick!

Although i think was a result 200 miles away that kicked the stuffing out of me rather than Tonbridge's late equalizer.

I'm still lamenting the loss of Craigy but what a star Christian Nanetti is? No way was it a dive although I'm not convinced it was a penalty.

Refs seem unable to think about a clumsy entanglement. It seems to be either a pen or a dive which, of course, is not always the case.

I think the one where Christian was literally thrown to the ground was nailed on though!

So it could hardly be tighter with, I suppose five teams challenging for the two remaining relegation places.

Seven games to go and my buddies are busy with calculators and permutations on how we will avoid the dreaded drop.

Without being dramatic I fear that relegation will mean I won't see the Hawks at this level again in my lifetime. As discussed, it will be so much easier to stay out the bottom three this season than win the league below next season.

The time has gone for discussing how we got in this mess or what changes need to be made to get us out. We are what we are now. We have who we have.

This is it. We collectively try our hardest and pray!

Not for the faint hearted.

Having said that:

He flies down the wing
Supports the attack
Christian is class
Ronaldo's a twat.

Let's Get Together Again...

Mon Feb 28 2012

All You Need Is Boots and Braces!!

Some time has elapsed since my last blog as I haven't seen my beloved Hawks since the Sholing/ Hampton double-header over a month ago.

The grim realisation that we are in a relegation battle has finally hit home to my beloved Hawks with the announcement that funds are to be made available to enable us to sign some experienced players withe the aim of steering us to Conference South safety.

When I saw this announcement I felt a sudden sensation of panic in a NO!! not more Knockers and Mc. Bean types lurking around the Stadium Of Dreams style.

We must be the only club in the world where some fans actually don't want their club to spend money!

Yer see, I think our players are fab. This is not gonna turn into an anti-Shaun rant, I'm just upset CBB has gone, but I'm not convinced we get the best out of them.

I hark back to the days of Woodie, Tate, Shovell being around for five years or more so you can actually identify with them.

I appreciate the days of Calvin Hore and Alan Knights twenty year stints at one club are confined to the dustbins of history, but it would be nice to think some of our current mob would still be around next season!

Anyway, what a win at Dorchester! Possibly all the more important as Staines won at Eastbourne to leave us still only six points from the dreaded dropzone. So a massive game Saturday at home to Borehamwood. Let's get together, forget any opinions and agendas and remember we CHOOSE to come here FOR THE TEAM!

Bit of grief on our forum as well. My humble opinion is that no one has criticised the club or demanded more investment, quite the opposite actually.

Plus our own 'twittergate' scandal....

Surely twitter on the sh*tter is just harmless fun? Basically involving pics of our brave young stars tweeting whilst on the throne. My wife, however, was not at all impressed.

'I hope you don't get involved with anything like that' she said.
'It's only a bit of fun' I replied.
'Look, I don't want anyone seeing our yellow loo. Wait til we've had the bathroom done' was her reasoning!

COYH, love, Ade

#youngstersoftoday #boysjustwannahavefun #wolfpack

Smells Like Team Spirit!

Tue Jan 31 2012

Been a while since by last blog but, guess what, we’re unbeaten since my last wafflings!

In fact only one defeat in nine games, and yes, I know one can work wonders with statistics but getting into the habit of not losing can only be a great thing.

An astonishing win at home to Maidenhead! Perhaps one of the highlights of our admittedly barren season so far.

Didn't go to Thurrock and fully expected us to win, to be honest. But the divisions basement side have been in improved form of late and by all accounts have signed some quality players .

Anyway, 0-0 so they fail to make up any ground on us.

So onto the HSC semi-final against Sholing, already despatched, courtesy of us Hawks in the far inferior FA Cup competition. Yeah, more goals would have obviously made it more comfortable and enjoyable but what has impressed me is the way we stick at it, great application and our players seem to relish playing together at the moment.

A Perry Ryan goal being enough to get us through to the semis, home to Totton or Portchester. Has a Wessex Div. 1 club ever got so far in our County's premier cup competition?

One would assume it would be Totton at the Stadium of Dreams which won't be easy, at the risk of stating the obvious, as The Stags have won the trophy for the past two seasons and won't relinquish without a titanic struggle. They are also going great guns in the Southern Premier at present. Still, attitude and application is all I can ask for.

Onto another basement battle at home to Hampton & Richmond. Nicknamed the Beavers, I had a full repertoire of Hampton/ Beaver/ Mush With a Bush keeper bating material prepared which was left unused as we were 1-0 down after two minutes....

Rambo's equalizer made up for his penalty miss and at 1-1 at half-time I was convinced we would go on and win and push our relegation fears further away. But when I think about it, I'm always convinced we'll win!

Back to the fruity bits, played some good stuff on the deck, went 2-1 down, but us Hawks are made of sterner stuff nowadays and a Dutchy equalizer still left us plenty of time to snake it but it was not to be.

Not for want of trying, it must be said, and what amazes me is the tremendous team spirit we seem to have at the moment. Don't want to go off on any anti Shaun stuff as there's been plenty of that flying about. But I would have thought all the talk of Wrigglers and press assassinations would have destroyed any of that, but we really seem to have a bit about us.

Superbly illustrated by Perry Ryan, a modern day Alan Ball who covers every blade of grass in a Boys of '66 stylee. Great to see him signed up.

Won't be at Bromley, hopefully at Beasts, definitely at home to Basingscrote.

Missing you already. COYH, love, Ade.


Ministry of Disinformation?

Wed Jan 11 2012

I put it to you that we have one of the finest websites in English football!

You may consider this an ill-informed boast, but I ask you to look at other Conference sites and Football League sites.

Check them out for easy navigation and accessablilty. You'll be surprised.

But our site is only as good as the information it is given.

It does not matter if it is official or unofficial, I'm just asking our club to use it! D'you know what? It's free!

Just an email to the webmaster.

www = world wide web. It's our window to the world.

Hawks disciples from Leigh Park to the Lebanon can keep up to date with all Hawks related matters, and once again.... access is free!!

Tis absolutely the best value advert for our club we will EVER have!

If we've re-signed Chris Arthur we should be shouting this good news story from the rooftops, not reading about it retrospectively in a match report.

Has Ryan Woodford been one of our success stories of the season so far? Why is he not featuring? If he's got a knock tell us! Or is he a 'wriggler'

A Hawks forum contributor discovers news of new signings through third party websites.... Likewise rearranged fixtures.

Us Hawks are a tight nit bunch from top to bottom. Let's not build barriers between us.

This lack of info breeds rumour, counter rumour and is self destructive.

Cliches are cliches because they're usually true.... It's good to talk!

A few of our regular forum contributors are talking about boycotting games til there's a change in manager, which is, of course, their prerogative

I would respectfully ask them to think again. We need everyone we've got during these difficult time. Regardless of who the manager is or maybe in the future.

#Hawks4Life #Massivecouplagamescomingup

COYH, love, Ade

Bitten 'Arris?

Wed Jan 04 2012

Our second win of the season followed by a battling draw at home to our bitter Beastleigh rivals provided some Christmas cheer for us Hawks.

Both sides could have snaked the Boxing Day tickle as we both missed good chances and although I was at the other end of the ground, the Beasts seemed to have a good shout for a penalty. One thing I don't quite get is the 'that was the worst Havant side we've seen' Beast angle. With all the logic of a four year old all I can muster in response is 'er, what does that make you?'

Domestic negotiations went so well I found myself and Monkey in the Cricketers at half one New Years Day, eagerly awaiting the Beast return fixture where we were scheduled to dish out one hell of a beating!

Half an hour later there followed a horrible feeling of deflation as word came through that the game had been rained off. to be fair both Hawks and Beasts made the best of a cac situation and enjoyed a couple of hours chatting in the pub. Tis only 20 miles up the road and could have been so much worse as it was a couple of years ago at Bath City!

It does bring home how vulnerable our game is to the weather though. Didn't seem to really start raining until about half twelve and by memory it didn't seem to have rained much during the preceding days? But by two o'clock game off....

Just shear volume of rain during a short time I guess.

All clubs should appreciate this. No football club can call a game off. We took some enormous flak last season when we had loads of problems with our pitch. Dover Athletic should take note that they are just one outbreak of Humungus Fungus away from suffering a severe bite on the chuffbox!

So Sholing at home in the HSC quarter-finals. If our attitude and application are spot on we should be sound as our Double Bid gains momentum.

I'm astonished how quiet our forum is at present especially over the Ollie holiday confusion. We need some clarification on this!

Two home games coming up over the next two Saturdays. Looking forward to the first, at home to Dartford, when hopefully a rich vein of point harvesting form will start.... Or something like that!

Happy New Year. Love, Ade

Historic Double in Sight!

Tue Dec 13 2011

After our win at Blackfield and Langley last week, we're within touching distance of achieving a historic avoiding relegation and HSC win double!

Pedantic historians amongst my readership might point out that we've kinda half-done it before, when the old 'Looville beat Havant in the HSC final at Fratton Park in something like 1992 and avoided relegation.

But I can out pedant that by confirming that that relegation avoidance was from the Southern Premier not the conference South.

Had a lovely evening at Gangwarily. Really nice welcoming people from the barstaff to the lady on the turnstile.

Good performance by us Hawks too. Although we made hard work of finishing prior to Scott's two first half goals.

Enough's probably been said on the message boards regarding the sending offs, so I'll just say that if ref's played like that for just one weekend in the Premiership it would stop all this nauseating dissent overnight!

Verily looking forward to the quarter-final draw whenever it takes place live on Radio Solent. AFC Porchester away for me!

Not going to Tonbridge Saturday as a quick look at our forthcoming 2012 fixtures shows plenty of Saturdays taken up by Hawkaction!

Tis right and proper for me and Monk to spend this weekend at home.

So I wish all Hawks a very Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing everyone Boxing Day for Monkey's first derby....

Ere!!!! I've just found something positive from the Weymouth Trophy defeat! Bobby Hopkinson entering the fray, winning tackles and majestically spraying the ball about.

What a great new signing!

COYH, love, Ade

Poised For The Treble! (Postponed UFN)

Thu Dec 01 2011

Had my blog all sorted out.

A comfortable win at Weymouth last Saturday, Blackfield despatched from the Hampshire Senior Cup Tuesday night and a sabre rattling commitment to storm to the play-offs!

A draw Saturday followed by an abject surrender Tuesday night in the replay has scuppered me bigtime....

All I can do now is implore our club to realise we are in a massive relegation battle.

Yeah, we're 4 points clear but that can become a mere point by Saturday teatime.

Plus you only have to check who we've played and who we have to play to see the cac we're in.

Thankfully football's not as simple as that and we'll hopefully turn things around and get favourable results against teams higher placed in the table.

Don't get sucked into the 'let's see where we are at Christmas' bollox!

My fear is we'll only realise the severity of our plight when it's too late....

Tuesday nights 238 attendance should serve as a barometer to where our public think we are. Particularly as Weymouth must have brought a good 70!

And the apathy on our message board has been broken with first time posters voicing their disquiet.

We need to realise how big this Saturday is at home to Weston and perform accordingly. Easy on paper isn't it!

COYH, love, Ade

Shaun's Siblings Prove Their Point!

Mon Nov 14 2011

Another example of the magic of football is the different perspectives and opinions people have on a game or incident.

I was stunned to see on our message board after Saturdays game 'is that the worst we've ever played' and the like.

I was chuffed to bits with the point we earned against Eastbourne. We had three unavailable before kick-off, Jake, Sammy and Perry.

Now I don't buy into this 'we're really suffering with injuries' line. Not when we can bring in the ever dependable Hinch for Jake. Hinch will play wherever he's told so no probs with him at right back.

The exciting youthful talent Harvey in for Sammy, that's almost a straight swap. Then we bring Captain Peacock in for the suspended Perry. Come on! That's hardly scraping the barrel!

With the worrying injuries to Craigy and Sam Pearce we could be struggling at Staines but we could have Sammy, Jake and Perry back so, again, not the end of the world.

Plus it never ceases to amaze me that we are the only team in Conference South who suffers from injuries and suspensions!

Anyway, back to the game. Not being dramatic or facetious but do our players and management team need to look at out squads studs or lack of? We do seem to have trouble staying on our feet.

Two more injuries sustained and Eastbourne are tearing us apart without scoring. For 15 minutes we were a shambles. But just before half-time we seemed to somehow settle and get back into it.

The second half bought more waves of Eastbourne pressure, but us Hawks were very dangerous on the break with Ollie often picking up the ball in their half before embarking on astonishing runs into the Eastbourne penalty area.

From my perspective it was 100% effort and application from every player. Indeed, we seem to have a great team ethic and spirit. I predict all of our player would have been shattered for the rest of the weekend.

And how healthy to have so many teenagers and early twenties out there?

I was incredibly proud of our team at the final whistle. I felt more elated than after games we've won!

Not saying I'm right and the author of the 'worst we've played' message was wrong but it does illustrate the vast spectrum of views our beautiful game brings out in people.

Here's one for you! Our next two games away to Staines and Weymouth. To be fair it would be best to only go to one of these fixtures. If you had to make a choice what would you do?

COYH, love, Ade

Five star rock 'n' roll petrol!

Mon Oct 31 2011

Great to see us sticking by the 11 that polished off Dorchy!

Our young guns are looking superb but can I say how ablely assisted by one of our elder statesman?

Just how good and exciting is Sammy ‘fitter than a butcher’s dog’ Igoe looking like at the mo? Great to see him carrying on the great form that he showed at the end of last season.

Humungas boots and ludicrously long baggy shorts would only add to the 1930’s traditional full-back roasting flying winger image!

Whilst I guess Shaun is responsible for our ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ naff signings, it’s only right and proper to commend the man with the signings of Ollie and Scott.

One would be totally foolish to suggest we’ve tuned the corner, but we do seem to have a bit of collective spirit now. How lovely it is to see us play with such a massive smile!

Better behind the goal Saturday as well. But we need a youth policy! Our little mob are generally in their 40s, 50s and sixties.

We need some fresh faces. Hawk Yoof! Your time has come.

‘There ain’t nothing wrong, with a bit of bop ‘n’ jive!’ as R. Kelly once said.

Plus I wanna get away from commenting on Shaun’s press comments. It’s been gently suggested to me that these comments are made in the heat of the moment.

I understand that and I make a mistake EVERYDAY, work related or otherwise. Verily I am a chef of some repute when it comes to concocting a ‘Pigs Breakfast’ Indeed, some would suggest it’s my signature dish, as you youngsters would say.

But what I do try and do is LEARN from a mistake.

On Wednesday I read ‘we’ve been unfairly criticised over the last few weeks’ yeah, too right, Shaun, but mainly by you!

Today I read ‘the players deserve some praise because they have been quite rightly criticised at times this season’

Make of that as you will but I’m now gonna put all the divisive stuff behind me and stress that we should all take heart from these two wins and all move forward together without airing our grief in public!

COYH, love, Ade

A Hawk's Nadir?

Thu Oct 27 2011

Let’s hope so! Let’s hope having witnessed the first half horror show Tuesday night was the worst it gets for a Hawks disciple!

Let’s hope that the second half treat is a springboard to the play-offs, FA Trophy, Wembley glory and slaughtering the Beasts in the HSC Final at the New Delhi.

Well if yer don’t ask….

Bollox on the pitch and bollox behind the goal, which has been mentioned on our message boards. But I guess it is a vicious circle rightly or wrongly.

Thing is, although our crowds are kinda holding up our mob behind the goal has diminished…. So, please, if you can help out with a bit of bop ‘n’ jive, come and join us!!

And some feelgood factor news the next day as well with Scotty committing himself to us and new deals for Ryan and Rambo. Excellent!!

What was with Mr. Pericard playing for us? That’s just ethically wrong! He should be gone! Now!

Having said that, huge credit to Shaun for recognising where it was going wrong and reacting accordingly.

Now let’s build on it large style!

COYH, love, Ade

Sour grapes? YOU be the judge...

Mon Oct 17 2011

Done fair and square, for us the greatest cup competition in the world is over for just over a year…. And sincere best wishes to our conquerors….

All I despise about the grey, sad, world of non-league football personified Saturday.

Depressing is too strong a word. But a place uncontaminated by the tentacles of civilised behaviour….

Where "hope you had a good trip", "hello, what can I get you?" and "thankyou" are the fodder of fantasy….

You recall the unnerving shop in the league of gentlemen? I give you Weston Super Mare FC.

I feel distinctly shabby and undignified about the whole experience as I tell my mates how good conf south is.

Where the goalkeeper’s brother stands behind Weston’s custodians goal swearing at all and sundry when we get a penalty.

Where in the second half said keeper heads the ball over the barrier to aforementioned brother who then rolls the ball as far away as possible to waste time….

We as Hawks fans could do better and not rise to the bait. Er, myself more than a little included….

But it’s an insult to pub sides everywhere, who carry themselves with more decorum.

Let’s talk footie! Loadsa effort and spirit. Great start, cheapo goals to give away, looked like their first was a free header?

Really good equalizer from Ollie. Had to hit it first time from an acute angle.

Second half started well, individual mistake undone us but still had chances to grab a replay.

The controversial bit: on that note do we now ding Dutchy out and try to get John Terry on loan?

Forgive me being facetious, but we ALL make mistakes. Every goal is someone’s mistake. If we replace all our players that make a mistake this season, a rough estimate would show we need at least 10000 players?

I so DON'T want this to turn into 'have a pop at Shaun' but the Portsmouth News on Monday makes familiar, depressing reading as in we haven't enough leaders, we'll have to get some in!

Who's magic wand do we borrow to obtain these additional players and what do we do with the ones we're gonna theoretically replace?

And this is the crux of the matter, who signed them? Personally I think our players are magic, it just ain't working as a team at present.

On that note, Vincent Pericard! Vince is here for one reason and one reason only: no one wants him (at the moment)! Yet he decides when and where he will lower himself to play for us!!??

Does he really think he's gonna get a deal with a Football League club after playing 20 minutes against Bromley? If he deems to make himself available Saturday do we drop 2 goals in 2 games Ollie for him?

Positively excellent for team spirit....

And sorry to keep on, but why didn't we research his availability prior to sorting out the deal?

Sorry to involve you in my domestics but Monkey Girl has a sleepover at Aunty Katrina's Saturday so I won't be at Hampton.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 25th. home to Dorchy with said Monk coz it's half-term!

COYH, love, Ade (who promises to get out of his uncharacteristic current depressed state) XxX

Hawks, a global brand...

Sun Oct 9 2011

Imagine what Dick Semark or Ernie Bradwell would make of it whilst being in charge of a collection of half decent local footballers who enjoyed the odd beer as part of team building!

We’ve just signed a Brazilian midfielder, an u21 French international and our right backs unavailable coz he’s on World Cup duty!!

Such is the weird and wonderful world that is Hawkdom 2011.

The big talking point of last week was, of course, Wesser signing for League 1 AFC Bournemouth. I don’t ever recall a player leaving a club and taking with him such heartfelt wishes.

I always make a massive mistake when I visit the murky world of self obsessed nerds that constitute the Conference South Forum, but even fans of other clubs were saying how richly deserved this opportunity for Wes was.

It leaves me with a massive sense of pride which I find difficult to describe…. It’s like it’s one of us?? It’s like he’s still representing the Hawks even though he’s playing for another team?? Pick the deranged bones out of that if you will….

The King is dead, long live The King. Harvs, Scottie, Ollie, your time is now. Not forgetting we have the wonderful pitch length creation of Craigy BB!

Thoroughly enjoyed myself at Mr. Ketchup’s party Saturday, result withstanding. One of our Directors really joined in the spirit of things by bunging some wonga behind the bar to even more oil the wheels for Guinni/ Carlsberg. We truly are one special club!

The game through my Hawks bins? Evenly matched, their defence tall and strong, we need to keep in on the deck utilising our flair players and Lee’s touches and cunning, great to go in one up at half-time, cheap goals to give away, bunged three up front in a hit and hope search for a point, Vincent looked good in this desperate situation which wasn’t pleasing on the eye or effective, but I can kinda see Shaun’s thinking behind it. Half some of that Keys and Gray!!

Desperately looking for some continuity with our players. Can’t stand this constant revolving door of guys playing five games then naffing off. Can’t relate to it….

Let’s end on a high. Thoroughly looking to getting back on the FA Cup trail next Saturday.

COYH, love, Ade

tis always darkest before the dawn?

Mon Oct 3 2011

Not that I’m suggesting everything is perfect in the garden of hawksville, but there was a definite feelgood factor about the place on Saturday.

And a win over Thurrock, a good point at Dover and progress in the fa cup all help to fuel the fires of optimism.

Whether you’re anti-Gale, total pro-Shaun or concerned of Eastney, we’re all in a better place than 3 weeks ago!

Some cracking goals and approach play Saturday aswell. Some great individual performances and I’m very excited about the contribution Ollie is gonna make.

And reading his twitter stuff it’s just so refreshing to read his excitement of becoming a hawk!

Sholing were no mugs and came here with a positive attitude.

Yer see, Shaun does have a habit of this. To me his greatest achievement was not getting us to Anfield (sniffy yawn) but turning things around two seasons ago after the infamous winter of discontent, to eventually miss out on the play-offs by a single point.

Yes, he’s responsible when things go wrong but everyone must be big enough to give credit where credit is due when we get things a bit half right!

I absolutely mean no disrespect to Weston but what a drab 3rd. qualifying round draw. And I bet they’re thinking the same!

I was so looking forward to an away trip to some beautiful town we never play against. Could have been worse and now I have a definite positive vibe about it.

First things first and its Mr. Ketchup’s Birthday Bash this Saturday where I’m honoured to be sampling the very best of hawk’s hospitality.

Although suited and booted and probably elephants trunk, I will be behind the goal attempting to give it some to, in my little world, help us to more league points.

You have no idea how pleased I would be if you would join me.

COYH, love, Ade

Would you ever want your team to lose?

Mon Sep 19 2011

Monkey and I loved Manny. ‘Love’ being a strange way to describe our relationship as we only actually met him once! But what a lovely good natured guy he seemed.

Plus the way he genuinely seemed to love being a Hawk. The way he celebrated his many Hawk goals. The way he DEMANDED to play, even though he sometimes could hardly walk, and there he was with the captain’s armband!

Fast forward to last Tuesday at Maidenhead and there he is. Playing AGAINST us!

And I’m not being rude whatever you may think, but WHY!

Nice couple of covered ends but that’s about as far as I can go for the plus points. Portakabin khazis with markerpen ‘female’ & ‘male’ directions.

Beaten up garden fences for sides. A friendly yet downtrodden little clubhouse. Nothing compared to the splendour that is our stadia and social premise.

Probably nowhere near the crowd we get. Yet Manny had chosen them over us despite reportedly enjoying two seasons with us?

Someone please tell me what we are doing wrong!?

The game? Oh yeah, great approach play without any real final ball cutting edge.

The great Guvnor Bill once said to me ‘slaughter yer players in the changing room but NEVER in public. Do it once and you’ve lost ‘em’

That’s exactly what Shaun chose to do in the press last Friday prior to our 3-0 success over struggling Thurrock. Even criticising his players for blaming their team-mates before choosing to do exactly the same himself.

Two from Wesser and another bullet header from Ryan giving us 3 welcome points. People say Thurrock were the worst side to visit the Stadium of Dreams for maybe 3 years? I say, cobblers, they don’t and won’t lose every game. Credit where credit’s due.

Although it’s a pretty horrible scenario when you speak to your fellow Hawks and a good 50% WANT us to lose so our Manager gets the bullet….

Speaking of Ryan, you can stuff your Champions League medals up your Kyber! We have an actual Island Games Champion in our midst.

We should be ASHAMED for not publicising this achievement!

Tough away game at Dover Saturday where we need tough players. Rule number one? NO WRIGGLERS!!

Er, whatever and whoever that means?

Then the stomach churning magic of the finest, oldest Cup competition in the world and don’t let anybody tell you different.

It doesn’t matter what team Man U choose to put out, this is the biggest and best in the world and is the envy of every footballing nation.

It ain’t the German FA Cup, Scottish FA Cup, Spanish Copa Whatever FA Cup, Welsh, French, Italian, Portuguese FA Cup!

It is THE FA cup!

Welcome Sholing. Enjoy your day. But not too much, ay?

COYH, love, Ade


Mon Sep 12 2011

And cracking entertainment, a great crowd and a good atmosphere behind the goal it was to! I can only think of one thing to say…. why!?

Sometimes there’s just no rhyme or reason in our Hawk’s world.

You could flip this positive on its head and ask the question ’yeah, but just think what it be like if we actually started doing well!?’

But, with all the dialogue regarding our manager’s future I reckon I’ve finally got my head around it.

Shaun will NEVER resign. Let’s face it, would you with a mortgage and family?

The club will NEVER sack him. There is a bigger picture and this is what we’ve got for the foreseeable, for better or for worse.

After Shaun building maybe 4 teams we are what we are and will finish the season where we deserve to be.

Arguably we missed our chance, just after our amazing cup run. No good raking over old coals but I reckon that is when we maybe SHOULD have broken into the Conference National?

Now we will do nothing to put our club in the red, at risk and rightly so.

So long as our players try, I can live with this current state of affairs.

I will no longer have words with myself, going round in endless circles.

I need to concentrate on getting behind our club and trying to encourage others to get amongst it and maybe, the most important of all, ENJOYING Hawkdom again!

I’m working in Thatcham for the next two days so really can’t wait to meet Mr. Ketchup for dinner in Maidenhead tomorrow evening prior to seeing my beloved football team with the clouds of uncertainty lifted from my furrowed brow.

I end on a positive not, coz that’s what I do best. I suggest anyone who attended the last two home games cannot fail to have been at least entertained and will be back for more!!

COYH, love, Ade

What do we think of it so far?

Sun Sep 4 2011

Before we start, welcome back to my inane scribblings, going under the same title as ‘Now We’ll Never Be Divided’ which ran under the departed blue square south forum umbrella.

Loads to talk about so far! The departures of Manny, Muz, Simps….

Personally I think we were stitched up regarding Simps which is very sad. Don’t suppose we’ll ever know the whole truth.

Muz out of contract and ultimately bettered himself bigtime with a contract at a League 1 club.

The Manny thing just seems weird? Apparently very happy here, injured for lots of last season, a year older but allegedly demanding more money!

Must try that tomorrow with my boss J Seriously though, so sad to see him go L

But our first league game gave us great reasons to be cheerful and a potential new terrace hero in goalscoring Jack Sparrow stylee Captain Lee Peacock!

It soon evaporated with two consecutive home defeats, non nominated penalty takers wasting said, our new hero injured in the first game absurdly risked in the third, resulting in the obvious aggravation of the original injury.

A midweek defeat at Weston resulting in the Hawks fan’s past time of discussing Shaun Gale’s future. Always a difficult time for me, a Shaun Gale fan….

But a position I’m very familiar with J

But the battering of Truro with trialist striker, Scott Jones, bagging two caused optimism and have we turned the corner style vibes.

Two further defeats have turned that into flash in the pan sentiments….

So we approach this Saturday’s home fixture with Sutton United with our manager again under sustained pressure and our home attendances decimated.

Seriously can’t wait!

COYH, love, Ade